Is this MrBeast Titanic sub photo real or fake?

YouTuber MrBeast sparks controversy with claims of being invited onto ill-fated Titanic tourism submarine

Is this MrBeast Titanic sub photo real or fake?
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

YouTuber MrBeast Claims Titanic Submarine Invitation

You’d think that a YouTuber with as many internet enemies as MrBeast would have learned to be a little more careful with their social media accounts. But the viral prankster and charity donator has once again found himself at the center of a Controversy, as he claims to have been invited onto the ill-fated Titanic tourism submarine. Now, people are calling out his latest social media post as fake, and it’s hard to tell whether or not he’s telling the truth.

Known for his viral pranks and charitable donations, MrBeast has a controversial reputation within the YouTube community. Critics argue that his philanthropy often comes across as hollow and self-serving, with donations serving as mere publicity stunts.

Recently, MrBeast tweeted about being invited onto the Titan submarine, which famously imploded during a tour of the Titanic wreckage. The YouTuber captioned the tweet, “I actually got invited on the Titanic Submarine and said no.” However, a screenshot attached to the tweet raises questions about the veracity of his claims.

The screenshot shows a message in a blue bubble, indicating that MrBeast sent the message himself. The message says, “Hey, I’m with MrBeast, can we come on the tour?” The screenshot is captioned, “MrBeast’s phone when he got asked to go on the Titanic sub.”

However, this contradicts his tweet, which suggests that he declined the invitation rather than accepting it. The tweet says, “I actually got invited, I said no because I’m scared lol.”

So there are two possible explanations here. The first theory is that MrBeast was indeed invited onto the sub and was allowed to bring a friend, who he was texting in the screenshot. However, his tweet fails to mention this, leading to confusion among his followers.

The second theory posits that MrBeast fabricated the invitation to gain attention and internet points. This interpretation is fueled by his history of using misleading tactics to maximize engagement on his videos.

MrBeast claims that a friend sent him the screenshot and he didn’t think to scroll up and capture the entire conversation himself. “I didn’t screenshot the entire convo because it’s private,” he says. “My friend sent me the screenshot, I didn’t screenshot it myself.”

However, some find this explanation dubious, as it seems unlikely that he would omit important details if the incident had truly occurred.

Regardless of the truth behind the invitation, MrBeast’s tweet received significant engagement, with over half a million likes. This suggests that he may not be too bothered by the controversy, as it ultimately benefits his online presence and career.

Regardless of whether or not the Titanic sub invitation was real, check out some of MrBeast’s other most viral moments. You’ll either love or hate him, but you won’t be able to look away.

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