Don’t put this homemade Nvidia RTX 3060 in your PC

A Reddit user 3D prints a custom Nvidia RTX 3060, but experts advise against using it in your PC

Don’t put this homemade Nvidia RTX 3060 in your PC
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

A Reddit user 3D prints a custom Nvidia RTX 3060

A user on the Nvidia subreddit has shared a homemade Nvidia RTX 3060 using 3D printed materials, and the user's efforts have garnered attention. However, seasoned PC builders warn that putting the tiny GPU in your PC could be a recipe for disaster. 3D printing is a fantastic technology, and we're big fans here at PC Game Spotlight, but using a homemade graphics card based on a basic outline could cause more harm than good.

The limitations of a DIY GPU

The Nvidia RTX 3060 is one of the best graphics card options available right now, but its performance can be improved with a DIY GPU. That's what Reddit user 'amazed_by_i' thought, and they designed a miniature version of the GPU using 3D printing. They share that the GPU is powered by a Raspberry Pi, but the specs of the device aren't outlined.

It's clear that this DIY Nvidia RTX 3060 is quite literally the size of the GPU, and we can already feel the heat (no pun intended) from our warnings. A 3D printed version of the GPU isn't designed with any specific cooling or power requirements, and you'd likely be putting your PC at risk by using this homemade GPU.

"The OP's use of a custom 3D printed GPU based on the basic outline of the RTX 3060 puts it at risk of overheating and damaging their PC," explains Scott Ayrey, Technology Editor at PC Game Spotlight. "The tiny size of the GPU will likely provide insufficient cooling and airflow, and it probably won't be able to handle the power and heat generated by the Nvidia GPU."

Scott continues, "This story serves as a reminder of how far the PC Gaming community will go to push the limits of creativity and ingenuity, but this use case may be in vain. Trying to use a homemade RTX 3060 GPU will almost certainly result in performance issues and even system failure, but I'm sure that won't stop people from trying."

We love seeing the creativity and resourcefulness of PC gamers, but it's important to consider the limitations and risks associated with homemade hardware. Installing a custom 3D printed GPU in your PC could void warranties and support from manufacturers, and the expertise and engineering behind official RTX 3060 cards ensures optimal performance and reliability.

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