Users share their own experiences of feeling old in gaming

Users share their experiences of feeling old in gaming, discussing nostalgia for games like The Last of Us.

Users share their own experiences of feeling old in gaming
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Feeling Old in Gaming

The sentiment of feeling old is echoed among many users in response to younger generations expressing nostalgia for older games like The Last of Us. Some users humorously note that the game feels even older due to the multiple re-releases it has had, while others jokingly comment on Nintendo’s pricing and the longevity of its consoles.

Discussion about Nintendo DS

The discussion then turns to the age of the Nintendo DS, with users debating the release dates of various models. Others jokingly comment on Nintendo’s pricing and the longevity of its consoles.

Remembering Retro Games

“Ten years isn’t that old,” one user comments. “I’ve owned a Dreamcast since 1999, and that’s older than a lot of games on this list.” The user goes on to share their own experiences of retro games that are much older, citing games like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Halo CE.

“I remember playing the original Halo for the first time and being blown away by the graphics and gameplay,” another replies. “Nowadays we’re used to a higher quality of everything, and that’s why we can’t enjoy games like this anymore.”

Comparing Older and Newer Games

The comment thread then delves into comparisons between older and newer games. Some users reflect on how bands like Blink 182 and Green Day being played on “Classic Rock” stations make them feel old, while others discuss the advancements in graphics and gameplay mechanics.

“I’m 27 and remember playing Halo CE Anniversary,” one user recalls. “It was the first time I felt nostalgic for something that wasn’t even that old. It reminded me of how much time had passed since I played Halo and how much had changed.”

“I’m also 27,” another replies. “I started playing games as a kid and have been playing them ever since. It’s only in recent years that I’ve felt old because of the amount of time I’ve been doing it.”

“I’m 26,” another replies. “I’ve been playing video games since my dad bought a used Super Nintendo from a garage sale at our church when I was 5. I remember playing Pokémon Red and Blue with my brother and using the game link cable. Sitting back and thinking about the passage of time always makes me feel old.”

Evolution of Gaming

The thread also delves into the evolution of gaming and the staying power of modern games due to their complexity and narrative depth.

“Gaming has reached a point of static culture,” one user says. “There are fewer drastic changes happening [in the industry], but that’s also because most people (gamers) have reached a level where they’re satisfied with what they have.”

“I don’t think the staying power of modern games is because gamers are satisfied,” another replies. “I think it’s because these games are complex enough and have enough narrative depth so that it’s hard to get bored of them.”

“The Last of Us was unique and innovative, but it also brought a new level of presentation and tone to gaming,” another remarks. “It was like prestige television – you could feel that the developers were trying their best to make it a cinematic, emotional experience.”

“The nostalgia for the 90s and the realization of how time has passed is kinda universal,” another adds. “I’m 30, and it’s really hard for me to appreciate Nintendo’s pricing and console longevity.”

“I’m 28 and feel the same way,” another replies. “I got my Dreamcast in ’99 and my GameCube in ’01. I still play them today.”

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