CS:GO gun song needs your vote to get into the game

Vote for a CS:GO gun song made with in-game samples to be included in Valve's FPS game

CS:GO gun song needs your vote to get into the game
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

CS:GO Gun Song Seeks Votes for Inclusion in Valve FPS Game

A CS:GO gun song made by an artist going by the name Venjent is looking for your vote on Steam to get into Valve FPS game. The song, which uses the Counter Strike gunshots as samples, is a masterful rework of the classic ‘Who Am I?’ track, and you can hear it above.

The Gun Shotta track is part of a collection of tracks intended to be loaded into CS:GO as a music kit. This is something that requires sign off by Valve, meaning the track may not get into the game. However, if you head over to Venjent’s TikTok page, you can vote for the track using the little heart and ‘Yes’ buttons.

“I’m really good at sampling,” Venjent says in the video description. “I’ve sampled the sound a chair makes when pulled across a hard floor. I’ve sampled a man’s voice saying ‘I’ve got a boner’. I’ve sampled a child singing the Pokémon theme song.” Now, they’ve sampled CS:GO gunshots.

If you’re not already a Counter Strike player, you may not be aware that Valve requires sign off on anything added to the game, whether that be new weapons, tools, or even music. This is why Venjent lists this as a “music kit” and not just a song. The sampling is also under Valve’s purview, meaning that Venjent will need to get sign off on the samples used.

Original music creator ‘Who Am I?’, by English band The Clash, was first used in-game in Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2014, and has since been used in both CS:GO and Overwatch. While the gun song may not be the most original thing in the world, it certainly takes the idea to a new level, and I for one would appreciate the change from the usual classical music playlists.

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