The ordning in D&D – the social hierarchy of giants

The ordning is a D&D social hierarchy for giants, ranking the six major types of giants from storm giants to cloud giants in order of importance.

The ordning in D&D – the social hierarchy of giants
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The ordning

The ordning is the social hierarchy of Giants in Dungeons & Dragons. The mighty titans that stride across the land are divided into six major types, each with a specific purpose and ranking within the ordning. The ordning is also a strict ranking system that cannot be transcended, but there are some who break the rules in the fifth edition D&D campaign setting.

The ordning and giants

The ordning is a system that drives the giants in Dungeons & Dragons. Each type of giant is part of a broader group called a family, which is itself part of a larger group called a tribe. The giants interact with each other and their surroundings based on their ordning rank. If a giant breaks away from the ordning, it does so for three reasons: holding different standards, being revolutionary individuals, or having different religious beliefs.

Giants and the ordning

The ordning is a giant-focused mythological system with its own hierarchy, gods, and more. The origins of the ordning are surrounded by myths and legends, but the giants themselves will explain it to any curious adventurers who ask.

The ordning is comprised of the gods of Annam and his children. Annam is the father of the giants, while his divine children are the titans who comprise each of the major giant types. Giants respect Annam and his divine children, but some believe that Annam has abandoned them.

Each tribe has its own beliefs and gods, but they all respect Annam and his divine children. Some giants may not recognize or respect the ordning in certain regions, but they will usually defer to the will of their divine leaders.

Giants and their gods

There are ten other gods of the ordning that are revered by giants. These gods represent different qualities that each giant faction respects. It’s important to note that although each giant faction has a different god that represents a similar quality to their values, they still revere all of the gods in this list.

Here are the gods of the ordning and the qualities that each giant faction respects:

  • Stronmaus - Strength, endurance, and power
  • Grolantor - Strength, hunting, and survival
  • Skoraeus Stonebones - Strength, stonecraft, and endurance
  • Memnor - Wisdom, knowledge, and memory
  • Iallanis - Bounty, agriculture, and growth
  • Hiatea - Nature, hearth, and home
  • Annar - Magic, divination, and foresight
  • Thrym - Cold, ice, and destruction
  • Diancastra - Cleverness, trickery, and illusion
  • Karontor - Deception, manipulation, and secrecy

Giants revere these gods based on their aligned qualities and beliefs. For example, a hill giant may revere Diancastra because she represents cleverness and trickery, while a fire giant may revere Iallanis because she is a source of bounty and agricultural blessings.

Giants who have differing beliefs or don’t respect the ordning may worship gods that are considered blasphemous by other giants, such as Grolantor and Hiatea.

Grolantor believes in strength above all and disregards the ordning. He is revered by storm giants, hill giants, frost giants, and cloud giants. Conversely, Hiatea is revered by fire giants, hill giants, and storm giants.

Giants who worship these gods are known for their strength and individualism. Fire giants, for example, do not typically respect the ordning because they are strong and independent, and Hiatea is a fire giant goddess.

Giants who worship Karontor do so mostly in secret. Karontor is an evil schemer who has been banished to a subterranean prison. He is revered by storm giants and cloud giants, but frost giants and cloud giants do not respect him.

Giants who worship Karontor are known for their trickery and deceit. Cloud giants, for example, are known as the tricksters of the ordning and do not respect Karontor because they are strong and independent.

Giants and the ordning in 5e

The ordning is a complex system that drives giants in Dungeons & Dragons. Giants who reject the ordning do so based on their beliefs and the qualities they hold dear. Giants are a big part of the D&D world, so make sure you check out our Dungeons & Dragons giants guide if you’re looking to bring these titans into your campaign.

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