Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a new quest called "Collect 'Em All: Little Green Men" that tasks players with finding over two dozen little green alien toys.

Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Need to find every little green alien toy in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The valley is filled with cute, little, green men, but they’re all hiding in the most unexpected of places. The quest “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men” tasks you with finding all the aliens and returning them to Buzz. You’ll need to be sure to maintain the valley so you can spot them easily.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men” quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men” quest is the latest addition to the Disney game. It’s not an easy task though, and will require you to search thoroughly for the little guys. There’s no telling where they’ll pop up next, so you’ll need to stay on your toes. Here’s everything you need to know about the quest and how to complete it.

How to unlock the Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men quest

To unlock Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men, you need to have completed the “Wanted: Aliens” quest from Woody. When you return to the Dreamlight Valley hub, Buzz will inform you about more lost aliens in the valley. The little guys are shy and won’t be found all at once, though.

The quest takes real time to complete, so the aliens unlock according to a timer. There are three rounds of aliens to find, with set criteria for their spawning.

Round one

In the first round, you’ll find about nine alien toys. There’s a set number of them, but their locations are random. You’ll need to search thoroughly to find them all.

Here are all the biome locations for the first round of little green men:

Round two

About 36 hours later the second round unlocks. This time, there are about eight more alien toys to collect.

It’s important to maintain the valley so you can keep looking out for the shy little guys. Neglect this task and you’ll have a hard time spotting them.

The final round

The final round unlocks the last eight alien toys. You should have found the remaining ones from the previous round, so you’re just missing the ones from the final biome.

Once you’ve collected all the aliens, return to Buzz. The alien informs you that he wants to keep the little guys for himself, but is convinced by your good heart to return them.

Buzz rewards you with a Space Ranger Supply Kit. The kit includes Iron Ingots, Clay, and Hardwood to help you rebuild the valley.

If you’re diligent, you can complete this quest in a few days. If you’re forgetful, it might take you over a week to finish. It’s important to note that the timer doesn’t pause if you’re offline, so you’re really at the mercy of it. Take some screenshots of where you find each alien toy to keep track of your progress.

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