Disney Dreamlight Valley leaves the woods behind

Help Kristoff in Disney Dreamlight Valley by finding him and assisting him with soap-making.

Disney Dreamlight Valley leaves the woods behind
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Need help with hygiene? This Disney Dreamlight Valley quest sees Kristoff needing some assistance after being sequestered in the woods for far too long. In fact, he’s so out of touch with civilization that he doesn’t even know how to make his own soap! Thankfully, you’re here to help, as long as you manage to find him.

Leaving the Woods Behind

Leaving the woods behind is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that sees Kristoff needing your help to get clean. You’ll first need to meet the requirements to unlock the quest, after which you’ll need to find him in the Forest of Valor or the Plaza before he’ll divulge his location. Thankfully, he’ll provide specific instructions, including gathering common ingredients like carrots and coconuts.

Where is Kristoff in Dreamlight Valley?

After talking to Kristoff, he’ll give you the task of finding him. Fortunately, he has left a trail of magical sparkly stuff that you can use to locate him. He’s either in the Forest of Valor or the Plaza, so use the map above to find him.

How to find Kristoff in Dreamlight Valley

Follow the magical sparkly trail to locate Kristoff in Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need to follow the trail all the way to Kristoff, so don’t lose sight of the shimmering sparkles.

How to help Kristoff in Dreamlight Valley

Once you locate Kristoff, he’ll tell you that he needs help with soap, as he can’t make it himself. He’ll give you a handful of ingredients to get you started, and you’ll be able to acquire the rest during the quest itself.

To acquire the burned logs that Kristoff wants, you’ll need to visit the campfire in the Forest of Valor. You’ll have the option to ‘gather’ the fire, which will provide you with three burned logs. You’ll need to grind these logs at a crafting station to acquire burned logs, which you can then boil at a cooking station to acquire lye.

Bring the lye back to Kristoff to proceed. You’ll next be told to get soap-making advice from Maui. He’ll direct you to add coconut oil to the soap recipe, which you’ll be able to learn at a cooking station.

With the ingredients gathered, show all the ingredients to Kristoff. He’ll tell you that the soap can be crafted at a crafting table, so head over to one of the tables in the Forest of Valor. Interact with the crafting table to create the carrot soap.

Give the crafted soap to Kristoff to complete the quest. The residents of the valley can now breathe easier, thanks to your help.

That’s all for the Leaving The Woods Behind quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our guides for all of the other quests in the game, as well as the locations of all the collectibles and banners.

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