EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry changes explained

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry has been revamped, including changes to women's football and ICON links to alter your team building.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry changes explained
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Chemistry Changes

Want to know about the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team chemistry changes? The last few years have seen a boom in women’s football, so it’s only natural that EA would introduce them to Ultimate Team. There have also been changes to ICON links, so we’ll explain how that works too.

New Chemistry Styles Explained

New chemistry styles have been introduced in FIFA 24, and they’ll have a huge impact on your team building in Ultimate Team. Women’s footballers are now available in the game, so you’ll be able to create mixed-gender squads, blending the best male and female players on the pitch. Women’s footballers have their own distinct chemistry styles, so you’ll need to be mindful about which players you select to ensure your squad is balanced. They also have a different set of linkable players, so you’ll have more flexibility in your team building.

EA has also reworked the ICON links, so you’ll now be able to connect legendary players with other members of your squad. ICONs have a stronger influence on team chemistry, so you can enhance the overall performance of your favourite players.

New Chemistry System Explained

The changes to chemistry won’t just affect women’s footballers and ICON links, as the entire system has been reworked. Chemistry styles have been overhauled, so you’ll have more flexibility and customization options to fine-tune your team’s attributes to suit your preferred playstyle.

EA’s new chemistry system aims to reward players for building diverse and balanced squads, which should result in a more engaging and competitive multiplayer experience.

“We want to make sure that you’re rewarded for building diverse and balanced squads,” EA explains. “No longer will you be forced to stack your squad with players from the same league just to reach the maximum chemistry boost.”

This change should encourage you to experiment with new combinations and formations, so get ready to explore the new chemistry system and elevate your Ultimate Team to new heights.

FIFA 24 launches on Friday, so you’ll want to get familiar with these changes to ensure you’re prepared to dominate the pitch.

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