Heretic is still awesome, apparently

A community reminisces about the Heretic and Hexen series, and the highly anticipated game Immortals of Aveum

Heretic is still awesome, apparently
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

A Community's Love for Heretic and Hexen

A community of gamers recently gathered to discuss their fondness for the classic Heretic and Hexen series. They expressed their desire to see these iconic games make a comeback and shared their experiences with them. The community also mentioned the upcoming game Immortals of Aveum, generating even more excitement.

One user, after completing Heretic (1994), gave it an impressive 8/10 rating. Many others joined the conversation, expressing their hopes that Microsoft, ID, and Raven will revive the Heretic series after the ABK deal goes through. Some members even fondly recalled the chickens in the game.

"I played the shareware demo and loved it, despite it giving me nightmares," wrote one user. Another user shared how terrifying the game was when they were a child. "Bats would jump out of the darkness and scare the life out of me," they recalled. "When I was a kid, I played the game with my mom and dad watching, and they didn't mention it being a scary game."

Another player who experienced Heretic upon its release found it to be a fun and engaging experience. The discussion also touched on Hexen, with many suggesting it as a game to play after Heretic. "Redneck Rampage was a lot of fun, and Rise of the Triad was excellent too," one user added. Another user admitted to using cheats to gain an advantage in Rise of the Triad.

Heretic received further praise from another user who called it a truly enjoyable game. Someone inquired about the difficulty level of Heretic compared to Hexen, and it was described as being more straightforward, similar to Doom. For those interested in playing Heretic and Hexen today, a user recommended using the GZDoom source port.

The community for Heretic and Hexen was also highly commended, with one user sharing their nostalgic experience of playing Heretic at a LAN Gaming center. Another user expressed their deep love for the game, stating, "I don't think I've ever played a game with a more dedicated community."

Immortals of Aveum: An Exciting Upcoming Game

In addition to the discussions surrounding Heretic and Hexen, the community eagerly anticipated the release of Immortals of Aveum. This new game promises to deliver an exhilarating gaming experience, further adding to the excitement.

For those interested in diving into the world of Heretic and Hexen, we recommend checking out our guide on how to play classic FPS games like these on modern PCs. And don't forget to keep an eye out for Immortals of Aveum, a game that is sure to leave you thrilled!

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