The worst game mechanics that players hate

The worst game mechanics are widely hated by players, including stamina, time limits, and climbing sections.

The worst game mechanics that players hate
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The worst game mechanics

The worst game mechanics are a common topic of discussion among players. Some game mechanics add an element of variety and challenge to gameplay, but others are just plain annoying. This article examines the mechanics that frustrate players the most, and explains why they’re so hated.

The worst game mechanics can be universally hated by players, based on the opinions shared in the video above. Many players express their dislike for stamina mechanics – which limit the number of actions that a player can perform before needing to rest – finding them unrealistic and frustrating to deal with.

Time limits in games are also widely disliked, as they restrict your ability to explore and can lead to unnecessary stress. Dead Rising is cited as an example of a game that aggravates players with its time-sensitive quests and poor AI that can result in characters dying or being unable to complete certain quests. Some users also mention the time-based objective in the first Fallout game, which can lead to an abrupt ending if players can’t complete the quest on time.

Others note the improved approach to time limits in later Fallout games, which allow you to continue after the main quest without being rushed to complete it. Unnecessarily difficult climbing or platforming sections in non-platformer games are also criticized, as are weapon durability and repair mechanics.

Weapon durability

Weapon durability is a commonly despised mechanic, with players finding it frustrating and unnecessary. Some players mention that they enjoy the challenge that durability adds to combat, while others say that weapon durability adds little to the experience and can be circumvented with stealth or other methods.

The excessive focus on weapon management in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is particularly criticized, with users saying that the game would be better off with no durability at all. Others mention other games with better implementations of weapon durability, including Fallout 3 and Dark Souls.

The environmental impact of throwaway societies

The weapons durability system is also mentioned alongside the idea of a ‘throwaway society,’ which refers to societies that consume more than they produce and are dependent on previously accumulated resources. The notion applies to the weapon durability system in that it represents the idea of a society that is constantly consuming resources without replenishing them.

This idea is further mentioned in regards to the Lies of P DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the weapon durability system in that game. The article also briefly discusses the environmental impact of such throwaway societies, as represented by the weapon durability mechanic.

That’s our look at the worst game mechanics that players hate. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your gaming experience, check out our best PC games list. We’ve also got a list of the best free PC games available right now, with plenty of excellent free games to try out.

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