Rayman faces brutal roasting in Mario + Rabbids DLC

The Mario + Rabbids DLC, the Phantom Show, sees the villainous Rabbid take aim at the likes of Rayman, Donkey Kong, and Yossy in song

Rayman faces brutal roasting in Mario + Rabbids DLC
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Mario + Rabbids: Phantom Show DLC

A new Mario + Rabbids DLC sees the Phantom insult the heroes in song, including Rayman, with brutal roasting that even Ubisoft would be proud of. After making a comeback in the latest Mario + Rabbids game, Rayman returns in the DLC to face a brutal roast from the Rabbid Phantom that’s so funny, it’s worth a cringe.

Rayman’s roast comes as part of the Phantom Show storyline, which sees the evil Rabbid take aim at many of the heroes through song. Rayman is compared to an eggplant, with Phantom claiming that he “was never a thing” and that he can’t make a comeback if he was never a thing. The Rabbid then calls Rayman a “second fiddle” to them, with the rest of the Rabbids joining in to sing and call Rayman weak.

Rayman’s roast makes for a pretty funny performance, but Phantom also has a song dedicated to Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Mario, and Beep-O, and they all receive a lighter roast. It’s definitely a bit unfair that Rayman gets the brunt of the roast – after all, he did just make his return after a decade – but it’s still pretty funny.

Rayman’s appearance in the Phantom Show DLC marks his return after a long time away, and fans are no doubt excited to see him (and his pal Globox) make a comeback. However, if you see it as an indication of a permanent comeback, you might want to think again – Rayman’s roast might have you second-guessing the return.

Check out Rayman’s roast courtesy of Twitter user magicrabbidalt:

The Phantom Show DLC also includes songs dedicated to the likes of Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Mario, and Beep-O, and they all get a lighter roast.

The Mario + Rabbids: Phantom Show DLC release date coincides with the release of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, and you can check out what to expect in the first DLC here.

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