Razer shows off a ‘mind-bogglingly gorgeous’ 24K gold mouse

Razer showcases a one-off, 24K gold edition of the Viper Signature Mini gaming mouse, with the company's CEO describing it as "insanely over the top."

Razer shows off a ‘mind-bogglingly gorgeous’ 24K gold mouse
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Razer Viper Signature Mini 24K Gold Mouse: A Touch of Opulence

The Razer Viper Signature Mini 24K gold mouse is “mind-bogglingly gorgeous,” according to the company. This one-off device, which bears the signature of a mysterious ‘VIP’ customer, boasts a lattice cut-out shell for weight relief, and is described as “utterly opulent” by Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. The gaming peripheral manufacturer also shows off a range of other custom creations, and gives insight into its custom-order process.

The Viper Signature Mini 24K gold mouse is undoubtedly an item of luxury, with its exclusivity and opulence emphasized by the presentation box that conceals the nameplate. Tan describes it as “insanely over the top,” adding that “this is a one-off item for a customer who wants to show the world just how rich he is.”

It remains to be seen whether the shell is solid gold or gold-plated, but either change in material is sure to affect the device’s weight. Weight is one of the most important factors when it comes to mouse preference, and I personally prefer my mice as light as possible, so I can move it around rapidly with minimal effort.

While the identity of the customer who ordered the gold mouse remains a mystery, Tan reveals that they have a range of other unique designs, with their own custom color schemes and patterns. The presentation box’s concealing of the nameplate adds to the intrigue, and I can’t help but wonder how much this one costs.

Unfortunately, Razer does not mention anything about its pricing or custom-order process, so we will have to wait for that information to be revealed. Nevertheless, it is certainly an interesting look into the world of luxury gaming, and I’d love to see more of these designs.

Check out the full showcase in the video below:

Featured image credit: Razer Inc. via YouTube.

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