This chair claims to reduce your risk of heart disease and varicose veins

The Levus workstation chair reduces spine pressure while at work, and can even double up as a gaming chair.

This chair claims to reduce your risk of heart disease and varicose veins
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

The Levus Workstation Chair

The Levus workstation chair has a very specific purpose: reducing the strain on your body while you work at your desk. While this may sound like an obvious thing to want, the chair’s “zero gravity ergonomic” design is apparently able to reduce the amount of spine compression that occurs while sitting. This, in turn, apparently reduces the risk of heart disease and varicose veins, with the chair’s manufacturer also suggesting that it may even help with “exhaustion.”

If you’re sceptical, that’s perfectly understandable – but I’ll be the first to say that good ergonomic office furniture is never cheap. That said, you can also find much cheaper alternatives to this chair if you’re on a budget, and it’s unclear whether the additional attachments would bring the total price up to a comparable amount.

The Levus workstation chair comes with four modes, including a traditional working mode and a “sleep mode” for “sleep breaks in-between work.” Presumably, you’ll be able to get away with using this chair for gaming in the traditional sitting position, but the company also sells side tables, laptop holders, VESA mounts, and even a flight stick base for flight simulator, so it’s clearly designed with some flexibility in mind.

The company claims that the chair will “cure” varicose veins and thrombosis, but advises readers to consult a physician before using the chair. Of course, there are many different types of vein problems, and “curing” them is a broad statement – but with the right kind of research and testing, there may very well be some substance to these claims.

The Levus workstation chair is available to order now, priced at €3,250 ($3,638). Additional attachments will bring the total to somewhere around €4,000 ($4,337), although the final figure will depend on exactly what you order.

Good ergonomic office furniture isn’t cheap, and even the best gaming chairs can be expensive. That said, sometimes a chair is worth the investment, especially if you spend long hours sat at your desk. If you’re looking for some alternatives, check out our recommendations for gaming desks and gaming chairs. You can also subscribe to get the latest gaming news with our PC Gamer Newsletter.

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