How to smuggle Starfield Contraband

Smuggle valuable Starfield Contraband items for a high value, but beware the risk of getting caught.

How to smuggle Starfield Contraband
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Starfield Contraband

Want to know how to smuggle Starfield Contraband? Contraband is rare and valuable items found in space and on planets. These items are marked with a yellow icon and can be sold for a high value. However, carrying Contraband comes with the risk of being detected and gaining a bounty.

To avoid detection, it’s best to acquire Shielded Capacity for your spaceship or a Scan Jammer. These items can only be obtained through Space Battles, not through normal ship upgrades. It’s important to note that Contraband will always be detected if kept in your personal inventory. During space battles, you can dock on enemy ships and check their stats for Shielded Capacity or Scan Jammers. Taking over a ship with these items can help prevent Contraband from being scanned. However, there is still a chance of detection even with these items.

How to avoid Starfield Contraband scans

The risk of detection increases as the weight of Contraband approaches the Shielded Capacity.

If you’re attempting to smuggle Contraband onto a planet, it’s best to save the game before entering. If you’re caught, you can try again without losing progress.

Once on the planet, Contraband can be sold to traders who accept Misc items. Trade Authority is a merchant found in most major cities and accepts Contraband. Due to strict security measures, Contraband is not commonly found in random places. Instead, you must rely on specific methods to obtain Contraband.

Here’s everything you need to know about Starfield Contraband:

What is Starfield Contraband?

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