How to lockpick in Starfield

Unlock valuable loot behind locked doors in Starfield with the lock-picking mechanic, but watch out for NPCs!

How to lockpick in Starfield
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

How to Lockpick in Starfield

Starfield has a lock-picking mechanic that allows you to unlock valuable loot hidden behind locked doors. However, opening a door when an NPC is nearby can lead to a bad reputation and possible arrest.

While the game provides vendors who sell keys, many locked doors can only be unlocked with your trusty lock-picking tool. The lock-picking mini-game can be tricky, so it's important to be prepared and avoid wasting precious Digipicks.

The Lock-Picking Mini-Game

The lock-picking mini-game in Starfield requires you to align circles with gaps by rotating sticks from combinations on the right side of your screen. It's important to note that some combinations may appear to fit gaps but are actually fake, preventing the solution of the entire puzzle. The best method is to slot all combinations without activating them first, then fill the gaps, and finally slot the correct combinations. If you need to undo your actions or exit the puzzle, you'll need to consume a Digipick.

You can also use the Auto Slot feature, which automatically places one combination. However, it doesn't always work, and the feature recharges slowly after use.

The Security Skill in the Tech tab is crucial for lock-picking as it allows you to unlock higher difficulty locks and get more Auto Slots. Additionally, exploring abandoned outposts, defeating pirates, searching lockers and chests, and buying from certain vendors can provide you with more Digipicks.

Starfield Lock-Picking Rewards

Digipicks are valuable resources for lock-picking in Starfield. You can obtain them through:

  • Progressing missions from the faction called Ryujin Industries, which rewards you with two Digipicks per mission. Daily missions can be repeated up to three times.
  • Completing certain missions that offer Digipicks as rewards without consuming one.

With the abundance of valuable items behind locked doors, you'll be glad to have your trusty lock-picking tool. Remember to acquire the necessary skills and resources to make the most out of your lock-picking sessions in Starfield.

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