Starfield review scores are irrelevant, according to Bethesda

Starfield's average review score is 87, with Cyberpunk 2077 at 90, but Bethesda believes review scores are "irrelevant".

Starfield review scores are irrelevant, according to Bethesda
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Starfield's Review Scores and Bethesda's Stance

Starfield's average review score is currently sitting at 87, with Cyberpunk 2077 at 90, but Bethesda believes major review sites' Starfield scores are "irrelevant." Some users question why IGN's review score is being taken seriously, while others believe some people want Starfield to fail for unknown reasons, possibly because it's not on PlayStation.

Starfield's average review scores are in, and they're generally positive overall. However, the range of reactions on YouTube suggest it may not be a game changer, and some believe that major review sites are playing a part in hyping up the new Elder Scrolls game.

"I'm happy that it's getting good reviews," one commenter says, "but IGN gave it a 7 and I'm not sure why." Others point out that a 7 is still a positive review, and that it's not as if you're going to see a 1 or 2.

"Starfield is a huge game," another says, "I think the marketing budget played a big part in the hype." There are also conflicting opinions about when exactly Starfield truly becomes enjoyable, with some saying that it's after the first few hours and others saying it's more like 20-30 hours in.

Many express skepticism towards big review sites, saying that they believe these sites' review scores are irrelevant. "Watch a gameplay video," one says, "IGN's review score doesn't matter." Others suggest that paid reviews, or just paid positive reviews, are a possibility.

Others express concern about potential bugs and glitches, given Bethesda's track record. "I'm really worried about this game," one says, "the code quality on these games is horrendous. If it was me, I would be extremely worried about the bugs." Another user with previous bug-fixing experience criticizes the code quality of Bethesda's games, saying that they're under-engineered and are "riddled with technical debt."

There is disagreement about whether Bethesda games are generally bug-ridden or not.

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