Is Starfield’s legendary gear actually worth it?

Are Starfield legendary items worth it? We examine the stats and what makes legendary weapons and gear special in Bethesda’s space RPG.

Is Starfield’s legendary gear actually worth it?
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Are Starfield legendary items worth it?

Gear rarity affects the odds of finding equipment with better mods and stats, but not all legendary gear lives up to its ranking. We use our research and time with the open-world game to help you make the most of your inventory.

Starfield incorporates the concept of loot-based shooters like Destiny and the idea of gear rarity. Starfield’s gear rarity affects the odds of finding equipment. It also increases your chances of finding better mods and stats, but this system is slightly more complex than simply having a higher chance to find better equipment. We break it down for you here.

The most important aspects of your gear in Starfield are your defensive stats and the quantity and quality of attached mods.

They define your character build and playstyle, so getting your hands on the best Starfield gear can have a significant effect on your quality of life while exploring the open world.

Starfield gear mods

It’s important to note that the most common Starfield gear you’ll find will have multiple mods, but Rare, Epic, and Legendary gear have better odds of having cooler stuff. If you see a piece of equipment you really like with a bad mod attached, you can always dismantle it and hope for a better one.

Here are the odds for each Starfield gear rarity to have a specific type of mod attached:

Rarity Mod Chance
Normal 60%
Legendary 85%
Normal 40%
Legendary 60%
Normal 30%
Legendary 45%
Normal 10%
Legendary 15%

The odds of finding good loot in Starfield are affected by your Scavenging skill, but legendary gear will often trump normal items regardless of your skill level and how many Starfield mods you have attached.

While some legendary-tier items in Starfield live up to their ranking, others may be underwhelming. For example, the Astral Trespass Space Rifle is a powerful, unique weapon you can acquire as a reward for completing a quest, but it’s nothing special compared to some of your other options. You can check out our complete list of Starfield unique weapons and armor to see what special items you can acquire from specific NPCs or through quest-related means.

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