How to recruit crew members in Starfield

Learn how to recruit crew members in Starfield and negotiate their recruitment price to enhance your ship and outposts.

How to recruit crew members in Starfield
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How to Recruit Crew Members in Starfield

Want to know how to recruit crew members in Starfield? When you’re ready to go it alone on your ship, you can add additional people to your crew. These crew members may be found in bars and other gathering spots across the Settled Systems, with larger cities like Akila and Neon having more potential recruits.

Your first crew member is VASCO, Barrett’s robot companion. However, you can only recruit additional crew members after escaping the New Atlantis Nucleus. You can start by looking for them in the UC capital. You can play Starfield without formally assigning crew members, but they won’t contribute to the ship’s capabilities unless you manually assign them.

Recruit Constellation Personnel

Constellation personnel are those who come from the organization’s ranks. They have special skills that can enhance your ships and outposts when actively assigned. For example, the scientist Anais can improve research capability and the mechanic Rosa can boost mining production speed. However, you can’t assign these characters to tasks if they’re on another ship or outpost.

Recruitable Characters

In contrast to Constellation crew members, recruitable characters offer greater benefits. While the rest of your crew won’t contribute to ship and outpost capabilities unless assigned, these additional characters can bolster your ship and enhance your outposts by themselves.

Unlike Constellation crew members, you can recruit as many of these characters as you want, so long as you have the credits to pay for them. Recruiting fees are one-time payments, and you’ll earn credits over time so you can afford to hire more people.

Constellation Crew Members

Here are the Constellation crew members you can recruit in Starfield:

Recruitable Characters

Here are some of the recruitable characters you can find in Starfield:

How to Recruit Crew Members in Starfield

You can find potential crew members in bars and other gathering spots across the Settled Systems. If you’re unsure about your negotiations, you can ask VASCO to check them out first.

New Atlantis, the capital of the UC, is the most likely place to find crew members. You’re more likely to encounter these characters while you’re completing main quests. Lin and Heller can join your crew while you’re on the New Atlantis quest, and Rosie joins the crew during the Calypso’s Cove quest.

Other Potential Crew Members in New Atlantis

Here are some of the other potential crew members you can find in New Atlantis:

And those are all the Starfield crew members you can find and recruit in the space game. For more information on how to expand your crew and build your empire, stay tuned to our coverage of Starfield.

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