Arzopa G1 Game review

The Arzopa G1 Game is a 1080p 144 Hz monitor that's portable, affordable, and an absolute gaming beast.

Arzopa G1 Game review
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Arzopa G1 Game review

The Arzopa G1 Game portable monitor is a superb choice for travelers and gamers on a budget. 1080p, 144 Hz refresh rate, HDMI and USB-C connectivity, and built-in speakers are all thrown into the mix, and the chunky gamer aesthetic rounds things off nicely.

The Arzopa G1 Game is currently on sale for $149.99 on Amazon, but there’s an additional $20 off coupon, bringing the price down to an unbeatable $129.99. We’ve been using the G1 Game for a while now, and it’s an incredible monitor that’s well worth the money.

Arzopa G1 Game design

Arzopa G1 Game has a lightweight design that’s mostly made of aluminum alloy, giving it a premium feel that’ll likely appeal to travelers. The stand and faux leather carry case also add to the experience, but both could be better executed.

The 15.6-inch monitor has thin bezels and comes with a headphone jack, making it ideal for both gaming and general use. On the right side, there are inputs that include two USB-C ports and a full-size HDMI port. These are welcome additions, although the lack of a standard HDMI port is disappointing.

Arzopa G1 Game specs

The G1 Game’s biggest draw is its refresh rate, as it uses a 144 Hz IPS 1080p panel. This combination is the best possible option for gamers who want high brightness levels and color accuracy. It also has a full array of inputs and a built-in mic, but it doesn’t support Adaptive-Sync, meaning it’ll be incompatible with both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync.

Arzopa G1 Game gaming performance

In gaming tests, the Arzopa G1 Game was a real treat. I used it with Overwatch 2 and Nintendo Switch games, and it performed admirably on both counts. It also handled other games like Assassin’s Creed Rebellion and Apex Legends really well, with very few screen tearing or stuttering issues.

Arzopa G1 Game everyday use

For everyday productivity, the Arzopa G1 Game was a joy to use. It handled multiple applications with ease and scrolling was so much smoother with its 144 Hz refresh rate. I was also able to use it side-by-side with my InnoCN 15A1F, which is one of our favorite gaming monitors, and the Arzopa G1 Game held its own.

Arzopa G1 Game display

The G1 Game’s colors are good but not exceptional, which makes the monitor great for general use but perhaps not the best choice for color-critical work. For that, we’d recommend the InnoCN 15A1F, but it’s less portable and a lot more expensive.

Arzopa G1 Game features

The G1 Game’s on-screen display is fairly basic, but it does have controls for things like brightness, contrast, color temperature, and other settings. It also has built-in speakers, which are an area where it could use some work. While the audio is reasonably loud, the quality is poor, with lots of distortion and no bass at all.

Arzopa G1 Game gaming monitor verdict

Arzopa G1 Game is an incredible monitor that’s well worth the $129 asking price. It’s a 144 Hz portable monitor that doesn’t cost a fortune and offers a premium experience. The lack of FreeSync/G-Sync support is a drawback, but the monitor’s price and performance make up for it.

If you’re looking for a better all-around display, we’d recommend the InnoCN 15A1F, but it’s less portable and a lot more expensive.

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