Stardew Valley mods to make your life easier

Enhance your Stardew Valley gameplay with these must-have mods for easier farming and useful information.

Stardew Valley mods to make your life easier
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Looking for Stardew Valley mods?

It’s easy to add mods to Stardew Valley. There’s a built-in mod installer that lets you download mods from Nexus Mods directly from the game.

So what kinds of mods can you add to the farming game?

Fishing Info Overlays

The Fishing Info Overlays mod by barteke22 displays fish availability and catch likelihood – in case you don’t want to keep checking the wiki or opening the menu.

Lumisteria Clumps And Nodes

The Lumisteria Clumps And Nodes mod by Lumisteria adds surprise mining rewards.

Lookup Anything

The Lookup Anything mod by Pathoschild provides in-game information without having to tab out, allowing you to research recipes, items, and more from anywhere.


The To-Dew mod by Jamie Taylor lets you create to-do lists.

Save Anywhere

The Save Anywhere mod by Aredjay and Sweet Panda lets you save your progress from anywhere without having to complete the current day.

Speeder’s Chest Labeling System

The Speeder’s Chest Labeling System by Speeder simplifies chest organization, which is especially helpful as you expand your Stardew Valley house.

Better Junimos

The Better Junimos mod by hawkfalcon improves Junimo functionality on your farm.

Skillful Clothes

The Skillful Clothes mod by LvnaticShade adds stats and buffs to your clothing.

Combine Machines

The Combine Machines mod by SlayerDharok speeds up your item processing.

Stardew Notifications

The Stardew Notifications mod by Sakorona adds reminders and notifications to the game, which are especially helpful if you’re juggling multiple in-game responsibilities.

UI Info Suite

The UI Info Suite mod by cdaragorn displays a variety of useful information and from anywhere, including your current energy, stamina, and more. It’s especially useful for displaying information from your Stardew farming characters.


The Automate mod by Pathoschild automates your input and output for various machines, so you don’t have to spend time doing repetitive tasks – especially helpful for dodging the stardew valley sprinkler while you check email.

Yet Another Harvest With Scythe Mod

The Yet Another Harvest With Scythe Mod by bcmpinc allows you to harvest crops with the scythe.

Convenient Inventory

The Convenient Inventory mod by gaussfire makes inventory management a bit easier by adding shortcut keys to sort, move, and drop items.

There are plenty of Stardew Valley mods out there to improve your gameplay experience, but these are the must-have mods that enhance your experience without changing the core of what makes Stardew Valley special.

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