Relaxing games that won't raise your heart rate

Looking for relaxing games? Here are some alternatives to Stardew Valley for a more chilled experience.

Relaxing games that won't raise your heart rate
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Looking for relaxing games that won’t raise your heart rate?

There’s no one way to unwind after a tough day, and some of us find certain titles therapeutic while others do the opposite. Finding the right game to relax with can be tricky, especially when some games are better suited to making us feel anxious.

If you’re looking for a game to help you unwind after a long day, some games are better than others. For example, Stardew Valley is a wonderful game, but its unforgiving scheduling system and money management can be stressful if you’re looking for a way to relax. Others enjoy button-clicking grindy games like Diablo for relaxation, but that’s not for everyone.

While there’s no one game to rule them all, we have plenty of relaxing games to share with you that might work for you. Some of these games have peaceful mechanics, like relaxing music or cute characters, and others simply offer a more chill experience that won’t raise your blood pressure.

Here are the best relaxing games:

Play as a dog. Manipulate landscape with a paintbrush. What’s not to love? Okami is a beautiful game that’s easy to get lost in. It’s not the most difficult adventure game, but it’s an absolute treat for the eyes and ears. Plus, who doesn’t want to play as a wolf-like dog named Kurabo?

Play it on PC via GOG or Steam.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on easy mode is an excellent way to experience the story and world of Ancient Greece without all the stress. While it won’t save you from falling off buildings or dying from stab wounds, it does take away some of the more difficult fights.

No Man’s Sky was a game that quickly became divisive when it released, but the latest update has really helped to transform it into something special – so long as you know what you’re doing. If you’re struggling with the game’s often overwhelming mechanics, adjust the difficulty, jump into one of the many open star systems, and explore the vast systems at your own pace. There’s a lot to do, but you won’t feel pressured to complete tasks.

Games don’t have to be easy to be relaxing; in fact, accessibility options in games are incredibly important for inclusivity. That being said, if you’re looking for a game that you can just sit back with and not have to worry about anything, there are plenty of options.

While many games have difficulty settings that are designed for people with disabilities or impairments, we’ve selected games that have options specifically for people who might be having a stressful day. Steer clear of games with too much blood and gore, and instead opt for something a bit more silly or light-hearted.

The Untitled Goose Game is a hilarious game with a simple premise: you’re a goose, and you need to poop on every human you can find. While it’s a silly game, it’s also a very enjoyable one – so long as you’re not scared of geese.

Play it on PC via Steam.

Power Wash Simulator is a soothing and addictive cleaning game. Your only goal is to keep the red tiles clean by spraying them with a powerful jet of water. It might not be the most challenging game, but it’s certainly a fun one and great for unwinding.

Play it on PC via Steam.

Coffee is for closers, and Clicker Heroes is for people who like to click. Clicker Heroes is a perfect game for people looking for a chill experience. It’s an idle game where you click on monsters to earn gold, which you can then use to buy more powerful monsters.

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