How to beat Remnant 2’s Tal’Ratha boss

Learn how to defeat the Tal'Ratha boss fight in Remnant 2 and obtain the Nebula handgun.

How to beat Remnant 2’s Tal’Ratha boss
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How to Beat the Tal'Ratha Boss Fight in Remnant 2

Want to know how to beat the Tal’Ratha boss fight in Remnant 2? Tal’Ratha is the first boss in Remnant 2, and as you might expect, he’s a smog-covered, bloated monster. He’s got some nasty attacks, too, so you’ll want to prepare with the right build, loadout, and skills before taking him on in the RPG game.

Tal’Ratha is found in N’Erud, specifically, in the region known as the Cistern. You’ll need to start the open-world game in the Forgotten Prison, then head to the west side of the map. You’re looking for a semi-buried bunker-looking building with some Soul Sparks to pick up. Once you’ve got those, head to the Astropaths Temple – a large church-like building you’ll have visited previously. There’s now a glowing circle at the center. Speak with the Custodian inside, then head to the top floor and interact with the portal.

How to Kill Tal’Ratha in Remnant 2

In the Remnant 2 Tal’Ratha boss fight, you’ll be asked a question by the blob, who will either ask you to consume him, or to spare him. Refuse the offer to be consumed, and Tal’Ratha will take on his physical form.

In this form, Tal’Ratha is significantly more aggressive and has more attacks to watch out for. Aim for his weak point, his big gaping mouth, and use elemental attacks like burning and shock. Keep your distance, as Tal’Ratha will slam and canister tosses close to him, as well as doing a body slam that causes shockwaves if you’re caught in the melee range.

When you see Tal’Ratha’s tongue hanging from his mouth, be wary, as he’s about to suck you in. While this won’t do much damage, it will restore his health, so try to avoid it whenever possible.

Remnant 2 Tal’Ratha Attacks

Tal’Ratha has a range of attacks. He’ll slam his body into the ground, which you can avoid by staying airborne or dodging. He’ll also do canister tosses, which you can avoid by moving out of the way. Tal’Ratha also does shockwaves and vomit – the latter of which he’ll do as he’s dying.

In terms of summons, Tal’Ratha will summon orbs that can be destroyed. He also has a lunging charge that deals significant damage, so be sure to get some distance before this move. Finally, watch out for the vacuum suck attack, which will drag you close to Tal’Ratha for damage.

The rewards for defeating Tal’Ratha’s physical form include a Lumenite Crystal, Scrap, Tome of Knowledge, and a Shining Essence Echo. You’ll obtain the Nebula handgun for beating the boss. This weapon has a magazine size of 55, and comes with the Nano Swarm Weapon Mod, which sends out nanomachine drones to attack targets in a 20-meter area. The Nano Swarm requires 750 Mod Power to activate and provides crowd-control abilities.

There’s also another version of Tal’Ratha that you can fight and obtain the Frozen Tear weapon. To do this, you’ll need to complete the Tart’Ratha side mission, which involves heading to the Cistern. You’ll then have to fight the boss in his weakened state again. For more on this, check out the Frozen Tear weapon guide.

This is just one of the Remnant 2 bosses. During the campaign, you’ll also face off against The Purger, Caligula, and a whole lot more. If you’re having a tough time, we recommend checking out our Remnant 2 difficulty settings guide. For everything else, here’s our Remnant 2 review.

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