How to get Zania’s Malice Ring in Remnant 2

Zania's Malice Ring is a powerful accessory to boost your damage output in Remnant 2.

How to get Zania’s Malice Ring in Remnant 2
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Zania's Malice Ring in Remnant 2

Want to know how to get Zania's Malice Ring? This unique item is just one of many rings scattered throughout the game's locations. Others include Forgotten Ring, Plentiful Ring, and many others.

While you can equip up to four rings simultaneously, these accessories can enhance your abilities. For example, the Forgotten Ring grants the ability to control time with the Chrono Cross ability. However, you can't use the Chrono Cross ability without the Forgotten Ring equipped.

Zania's Malice Ring is an essential accessory if you want to unlock the secret Archon Archetype. Our guide discusses this item's location and its unique ability.

How to get Zania's Malice Ring in Remnant 2

Reach the final world of the game, Root Earth. From the starting point, head to the right side and go toward the Great Tree.

In the Ashen Wasteland, defeat enemies and look for a large entrance on the left side. Climb upward until you find a checkpoint and the Resonating Heart Relic nearby.

On the right side of the checkpoint, continue until you see a hole in the ground. Instead of jumping down, carefully edge along the hole's edge to reach a small entrance.

Inside the small entrance, you'll find Zania's Malice Ring.

As you might have guessed, this ring increases damage to an enemy's weak spot by 10% for seven seconds. The damage increase can stack up to three times.

This accessory is quite powerful to boost your damage output in Remnant 2. We recommend this as one of the best Remnant 2 rings you can get, especially during the later stages of the game.

That's where to find Zania's Malice Ring in Remnant 2. If you're looking for other powerful accessories, we have guides on how to get the Forgotten Ring and many others. Remnant 2 also delivers a greater challenge, so you might need to equip powerful items to take down enemies.

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