Jumping in Remnant 2 just killed one player’s hardcore run

Discover the nightmare jump that's causing frustration in Remnant 2's Labyrinth of the Witch.

Jumping in Remnant 2 just killed one player’s hardcore run
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Discover the nightmare jump in Remnant 2's Labyrinth of the Witch

One player’s hardcore run of Remnant 2 just hit a dead end as a platforming jump in the RPG game proves to be a nightmare to execute. While I’ve found that the game’s permadeath system is relatively lenient if you’re willing to take the occasional risk, platforming mishaps in Remnant 2 can often be frustrating enough to make you want to throw your controller. Worse yet, the wonky jumping mechanics pose a challenge even for the hardcore community, as one player discovers with an unfortunate fall in the Labyrinth of the Witch.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play this game again,” one player says after a particularly frustrating death caused by a platforming jump. The player goes on to explain that the jump in question is often contextual, meaning that the leap could be missed if you don’t stand on the correct spot or perform the correct action at the right time. This normally isn’t a problem for players who are still learning the game, but in hardcore mode, one missed jump could lead to a quick death.

The video focuses on an optional jump in the Labyrinth of the Witch that ends the player’s run. While it’s possible to avoid the area entirely if you’re looking for permadeath runs, the player says they were attempting the jump in normal mode first and then would come back with the intent to die. Unfortunately, they missed the jump, and the ledge glitches out, preventing you from mantling onto it and causing you to immediately plunge to your death.

“This is bullshit,” the player says, as I can’t help but feel their frustration. I’ve died on similar jumps before, but because I was in normal mode, my death didn’t feel like a big deal. In hardcore, however, any death feels like a crushing defeat, and the fact that it was caused by a platforming jump that is often wonky makes it even worse.

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