Warzone 2 players are really upset about the new M13C attachments

Warzone 2 players express frustration with the new M13C attachments in Season 5, demanding improvements.

Warzone 2 players are really upset about the new M13C attachments
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Walking into Warzone 2 Season 5: The Disappointment of the New M13C Attachments

I had high hopes for the new M13C attachments in Warzone 2 Season 5. However, after playing the game for a few hours, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment. Players are expressing their frustration through social media, demanding improvements for the new M13C attachments.

I’m not the only one disappointed with the new content in the FPS game, with players going so far as to accuse MW3 developers of being “lazy.”

The M13C backlash serves as a reminder that, as players, we have high expectations for Warzone 2 content. While I’m excited for the new maps and modes in the update, I’m disappointed by the quality of the new M13C attachments.

Players are highlighting the weak and uninspiring attachments, claiming they hinder gameplay and serve as a missed opportunity for creative and engaging gameplay elements.

“They just seem lazy to me,” one player writes. “MW3 devs trying to get a lazy paycheck out of us by making the M13C attachments boring as hell.”

“These attachments are very underwhelming and don’t bring anything interesting to the gun,” another player writes. “They’re just pure filler.”

Others agree, claiming that the M13C’s attachments serve as a prime example of MW3 developers taking shortcuts. While attachments are a relatively new concept to Warzone 2, players believe the devs should have optimized them for Warzone 2 rather than relying on previous knowledge from MW3.

“I was really excited for these attachments and they are just so underwhelming,” one player writes. “They clearly just took the attachments from the MP5, copied them, and added them to the M13C.”

“The attachments are just disappointing and make me question the decision-making behind them,” another player writes. “Why did they even bother?”

The M13C itself is described as lacking the versatility and excitement that players were hoping for. Many describe the disappointment as stemming from high expectations that the attachments would serve as an opportunity for innovation and variety in the FPS game.

“The M13C is just uninteresting,” one player writes. “It doesn’t do anything for me.”

“I’m really disappointed in the M13C,” another player writes. “We were supposed to get the MP5 but got a M4 instead.”

The M13C attachment criticism sheds light on the ongoing dialogue between developers and players. While I’m disappointed by the new content, I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns. Ultimately, it’s in the best interest of both parties to address the concerns raised regarding the M13C attachments.

The M13C leaves much to be desired and highlights the importance of developers prioritizing player satisfaction. Hopefully, future Warzone 2 updates will address the concerns raised regarding the M13C attachments. For now, I’ll be sticking to my P416 and M416.

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