Call of Duty fans are divided over Lara Croft crossover

Lara Croft in Call of Duty sparks debate among fans as to whether it's a welcome addition or a shift towards a fantasy shoot'em'up.

Call of Duty fans are divided over Lara Croft crossover
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Lara Croft in Call of Duty is just the latest crossover that has divided fans of the FPS game, as the iconic character joins the likes of Snoop Dogg and Nikki Minaj in the battle royale game, sparking debate as to whether it’s a welcome addition or CoD’s shift towards a fantasy shoot’em’up has gone too far.

Opinions on the Crossover

“Call of Duty is dead to me,” one user comments, expressing disappointment at the game seemingly moving away from its serious tone. “I thought the same until I saw this,” another replies, adding an image of Lara posing with a gun and winking. “I’ve been playing CoD since I was like nine and I’m 15 now,” another says, “but now they’re adding bullshit.

“I guess I’m just gonna have to accept that all the 14-year-olds who play CoD wanna see Snoop Dogg shooting up a school and Lara Croft being a badass.” “This is a war game, not a fantasy game,” another argues, “people like Snoop and Lara are just silly and not serious.”

Discussion on Age Group

The age group playing Call of Duty has also been a point of discussion, as leaked information suggests even more unlikely characters might be added to the game. “I’m interested to see what they’re gonna do with Ash,” one user comments, “I mean, would you want to play as Ash from Evil Dead?” “I’d love to see Ash in Blackout,” another replies, “but I’d also like to see Ash in the Modern Warfare series.”

“I love how the characters are so random and look nothing like the actual characters,” one user comments, with another replying, “I don’t know why Lara looks so much like Lara, it’s like they just took a photo of her face and pasted it onto the character.”

Mocking Unrealistic Portrayal

There’s plenty of sarcasm in the comments as users mock the unrealistic portrayal of Lara Croft and other pop culture icons, while critics point out the absurd nature of including them in a war game. “I’m glad they’re going to add a giant Lara Croft statue to the map,” one user comments, “that’s something I’ve always wanted in my CoD game, an area where I can pay homage to this legendary woman.”

“I’m confused why Lara Croft is running around in the Middle East,” another replies, “how did she get there? What’s she doing? Why is she shooting people?” “She’s looting her own tomb,” another user replies, “she’s a tomb raider.” “To be fair, she’s looting her own tomb in London,” another user replies, “that’s why she’s in the Middle East.”

Users' Reaction to New Content

Other users point out the transferability of digital assets, with some expressing that they wouldn’t buy any of the new content and others suggesting they would. “I wouldn’t pay for this as it’s not realistic and it’s a little embarrassing,” one user comments, with another responding, “why would you pay for something that’s free?”

“I’m just surprised they’re doing this,” another says, “it’s sort of fun, but I can see it going in the wrong direction.” “I’m surprised this even needed to be a discussion,” another replies, “CoD is going to be the game where you play as all your favourite pop stars and celebrities.”

Relevance of Crossover Skins

“I feel like these skins are more recognisable than the ones in previous COD games,” another user comments, with another replying, “that’s because they’re all spoofing the same person.” “Lara Croft in Call of Duty,” one user comments, “I can’t believe I’m actually seeing this.” “I can’t believe I’m seeing this either,” another replies, “but I guess it makes sense considering all the other crossover skins.”

Mixed Feelings

“I can’t believe they’re actually doing this,” one user says, with another replying, “I’m still in shock, but I think it’s hilarious.” “This is just like the DC Comics crossover,” another says, “they’re just throwing everything and anything into the game.” “This is a lot better than the DC Comics crossover,” another replies, “at least Lara Croft is actually a relevant character and not a porn star.”

“I’m disappointed by this,” one user comments, “I’ve been playing CoD since the original Modern Warfare and I’ve been following it since then, but I’m not sure I want to follow it anymore.” “You don’t have to follow it,” another replies, “if you don’t like it then don’t play it.” “It’s not so simple,” another responds, “I like the realistic seriousness of the game, but sometimes I just want to play something fun, but I don’t want to play CoD for that.”

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