Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic has a game-breaking bug

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic is capable of devastating damage in the FPS game, but a game-breaking bug has been discovered for Arc Warlock players.

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic has a game-breaking bug
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Destiny 2 Tessellation Exotic: A Game-Changing Bug for Arc Warlock Players

Tessellation, the newest Destiny 2 Exotic, looks set to be a real game-changer for players who manage to acquire it. However, as one Destiny 2 player has discovered, there’s a major game-breaking bug that comes with the Tessellation Warlock subclasses that could feasibly allow players to deal massive damage in the free PC game.

Tessellation is an Exotic that enhances the Warlock’s Tesselation subclass, and is capable of unleashing devastating Irreducible shots. However, players have discovered that Tessellation Exotic in Destiny 2 is capable of granting Arc Warlock players unlimited Irreducible shots, which is a massive game-breaking advantage.

As YouTuber ‘Mystic-Mage’ demonstrates, the Tessellation Exotic in Destiny 2 allows players to deal incredible damage from an unlimited number of Irreducible shots. The bug can only be used by an Arc Warlock player who has the Tesselation subclasses equipped, but is nonetheless a huge game-changer in the free PC game.

For anyone who doesn’t follow the world of Destiny 2, Irreducible is a damage buff that can be stacked indefinitely, but only by using the Warlock’s Super ability. In this case, Tessellation Exotic allows Arc Warlock players to use Irreducible shots with no limit, which is a serious game-breaking advantage.

Here’s how the bug works: when Tessellation Exotic is used in conjunction with the Tesselation subclasses, the Warlock’s Super can be used to fire an unlimited number of Irreducible shots. The only caveat is that players need to let their Super charge for a few seconds before firing, but given the amount of damage that can be dealt by Irreducible shots, that’s a small price to pay.

Destiny 2’s newest Exotic looks set to be one of the best in the free PC game, but if the game-breaking bug is true, it could prove to be the most devastating Exotic in Destiny 2 history. For now, it’s probably best to wait until Bungie has had a chance to address the bug, but if it turns out to be real, we may just have a new Destiny 2 record holder on our hands.

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