Fortnite chapter 4 forecast towers locations

Locate the Fortnite forecast towers to unlock valuable forecast data and gain an edge against your foes.

Fortnite chapter 4 forecast towers locations
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Fortnite Forecast Towers: Unlocking Valuable Forecast Data

Want to know where the Fortnite forecast towers are? These tall, white structures stand out from the rest of the landscape, so locating them should be easy. Our guide details where you can find the Fortnite forecast towers, what you need to do to unlock their secrets, and the valuable forecast data that you can obtain.

Fortnite’s Fourth Season and the Battle Against the Purple Storm

Fortnite’s fourth season is well underway, and the battle against the purple storm is already well under way. To secure a competitive edge over your foes, you’ll need to know the future storm circles, giving you time to strategize your next move. Here are all of the Fortnite forecast towers locations, and the future storm circles that they reveal.

Fortnite Forecast Towers Locations

There are a total of 10 Fortnite forecast towers, and you’ll want to head to each location in order to view the future storm circles.

The Fortnite forecast towers may look similar to one another, but they each resemble tall, white structures with satellite dishes on top. You’ll find them in key locations across the map, so simply head to the locations listed below, and eliminate any pesky AI henchmen that may be guarding them. Once you’ve secured the area, interact with the console to view the forecast.

Fortnite Forecast Data

Each Fortnite forecast tower reveals the next three storm circles, helping you to plan your movements and avoid dangerous areas. The forecast data can prove to be a valuable asset, so it’s worth taking the time to gather it.

Fortnite Forecast Towers Location

There are a total of 10 Fortnite forecast towers, but we’ve only listed nine locations above, as the last one is discovered during the main campaign.

With this information in hand, you should have everything you need to survive the Fortnite purple storm. If you’re itching for a new game to play, our list of the best PC games has everything you need to keep you entertained for months.

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