GTA 6 writer seemingly leaves Rockstar in big loss for the company

Rockstar Games faces talent challenges as key writer departs ahead of GTA 6 release

GTA 6 writer seemingly leaves Rockstar in big loss for the company
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

GTA 6 may already be facing a big challenge

It appears that Rockstar Games has lost a key player, and it’s unclear whether the departure will affect the release of the upcoming open-world game. While many details about GTA 6 are still under wraps, this development raises concerns about the upcoming sequel facing talent issues as it prepares to release its biggest GTA game to date.

In a weekend Twitter thread, respected video game writer Mike Unsworth seemingly reveals that he has departed Rockstar Games, with his contributions to the industry including working on GTA 5, the highest-grossing entertainment product ever, and the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption series.

While the circumstances behind Unsworth’s exit are unclear, it does follow several notable Rockstar departures in 2020, including design director Imran Sarwar and art director Andres Barroso. This may or may not be related to GTA 6 development.

However, it raises questions about whether Rockstar can retain experienced talent, especially as it heads into its biggest launch yet with its most anticipated game in years, and potentially even the decade. We’ll update with more when we know it.

Here is the thread in question:

This news came to light over the weekend, suggesting that Rockstar did not intentionally reveal it (though it’s possible that it’s in the process of making an announcement).

In any case, it seems that Unsworth’s work on the upcoming Rockstar game is done. We’ll update with more when we know it.

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