Rockstar buys GTA mod maker as it looks to expand multiplayer

Rockstar Games acquires, the maker of FiveM and RedM mods, showing support for RP fans ahead of GTA 6.

Rockstar buys GTA mod maker as it looks to expand multiplayer
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 10 months ago

Rockstar Games acquires

Rockstar Games has acquired, the maker of the FiveM and RedM multiplayer GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 mods, signalling a turnaround for the developer as it looks to expand the possibilities of GTA’s multiplayer in the run-up to the next Grand Theft Auto.

The deal is significant for RP fans, as it shows Rockstar’s commitment to supporting the community in the wake of a deal that could lead to the next Grand Theft Auto allowing servers dedicated to roleplaying.

The FiveM and RedM mods allow for custom cars, maps, weapons, and increased player counts, meaning they are essential for the GTA Online RP community. Following a period of uncertainty regarding the future of GTA modding following the launch of GTA Online, the deal represents a step towards greater mod support in the next GTA.

The mods have also gained in popularity, with FiveM reaching nearly 270,000 concurrent players in February 2023 – a hugely impressive figure for a multiplayer mod.

While GTA is known primarily as a single-player experience, in recent years the franchise has grown into a hub for immersive roleplaying experiences beyond the usual gameplay of the sandbox. Former PC Gamer writer Joe Donnelly has been exploring RP servers, and has written some memorable pieces detailing his various adventures – I highly recommend you check out his pieces on being a cult leader, paramedic, and drunk Santa.

While it’s not yet clear what the acquisition means for the future of GTA modding, or for the next GTA, the deal represents a turnaround for Rockstar and Take-Two, who previously battled the use of the FiveM mod in GTA Online, and even sent private investigators to pressure the mod makers into halting development.

However, the popularity of GTA RP grew, and in November 2022 Take-Two changed its mod policy to allow non-commercial mods that don’t violate IP rights or interfere with official multiplayer. Now, with the FiveM and RedM makers on board, the next GTA – already in development – looks set to expand the multiplayer experience even further.

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