These game series need a reboot

We've got a list of game series that could use a reboot, from classic JRPGs to open-world racers and FPS games.

These game series need a reboot
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Game series that deserve a reboot

What game series do you want to see rebooted? After the success of the latest Tomb Raider and Uncharted games, we’re wondering what other classic series could use a makeover. We’ve pulled together a list of game series that we think could do with an update, whether it’s better graphics, more immersive storytelling, or just a faithful recreation of the original gameplay mechanics.

From JRPG classics like Final Fantasy and Suikoden, to open-world racers like Midnight Club and Test Drive, there’s a wealth of nostalgic gaming experiences to draw inspiration from. Some of these games have been given a lick of paint over the years, but it feels like it’s time for a full-blown reboot that does justice to their legacy.

Game series that deserve a reboot:

The comments below are for discussion purposes and reflect the subjective nature of gaming preferences.

There’s a real desire for open-world racing games in these comments. Many people mention specific entries in series like Test Drive and Midnight Club, highlighting the unique gameplay mechanics that made them memorable. Others reminisce about games like Driver and Driver 2 and how they could do with a fresh coat of paint.

A lot of these comments highlight the importance of immersive storytelling, particularly in games that would benefit from a single-player campaign like Dungeon Keeper. Some people also mention specific features they’d like to see in a reboot, such as enhanced customization and story-driven campaigns.

The importance of a good soundtrack is emphasized by several users who talk about how it really enhanced their gaming experience. Listen to the music from old games like Driver 2 and Final Fantasy 7 and you’ll see what they mean.

There’s also a lot of skepticism about the possibility of successful reboots, particularly for games owned by EA. The community consensus seems to be that these games hold a special place in our hearts and that the companies responsible for them should respect that with a reboot that does them justice.

Other games mentioned in these comments include:

That’s a wrap for our list of game series that readers think deserve a reboot. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that nostalgia for older games runs deep amongst the PC gaming community. We’re not quite sure what’s up with chess though; maybe someone should invent a new version?

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