Get into Magic: The Gathering’s Commander Masters format

Get into Magic: The Gathering’s popular Commander Masters format with our comprehensive guide to the MTG cards.

Get into Magic: The Gathering’s Commander Masters format
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Commander Masters: Your Guide to the MTG Cards

Want to get into Magic: The Gathering’s popular Commander Masters format? Commander Masters focuses on drafting, offering a unique Limited experience that brings out the most powerful staple cards. With over 400 cards and 132 legendary creatures to choose from, you can build your own mini-Commander deck and get some great cards to add to your collection at the same time.

Commander Masters is a Limited format, so the best MTG cards to look out for are Draft Packs, which allow you to build your own mini-Commander deck. Unlike traditional Draft Packs, however, the Commander Masters format includes unique variants and comes with multiple rares and a guaranteed foil card. Here’s everything you need to know about the Magic: The Gathering Commander Masters set, including its card variants, draft packs, and more.

Commander Masters pack types

There are four types of packs in Commander Masters:

Commander Masters draft packs

Draft Packs are exactly what you expect – 20 cards to help you reach the 60-card minimum for your Commander Deck. These cards are all from the current Draft set, giving you the best chance at opening the most powerful cards in the set.

Commander Masters set boosters

Set Boosters showcase unique variants and come with multiple rares and a guaranteed foil card. These cards are designed for players who want to build around a certain theme or specific colors, making them perfect for those who enjoy playing competitively or building a deck around a specific Commander.

Commander Masters collector boosters

Collector Boosters are the most expensive option but also contain the most packs. As a result, you have the best chance at opening something good, including borderless and retro cards.

Commander Masters draft box

Unlike the other pack types, Draft Boxes are exactly what you expect – 6 packs of the current Draft set. The Draft Box is a great option for those who aren’t as concerned about value and are just looking to experience a Draft, while also receiving a guaranteed foil card.

Commander Masters Eldrazi Swarm

Eldrazi Swarm is a colorless Commander deck that revolves around powerful artifacts and unique creatures to create a deck that plays fast and furious. Utilizing cards such as Eldrazi Mimic and Thought Vessel, this deck’s strategy is all about getting your artifacts out as quickly as possible, and using cards like Goblin Welder to keep your hand full of action.

Commander decks in this bundle

If you want all the best options available to you, we’ve bundled together all four of these decks into one, allowing you to get all the variety and creativity you can handle, with a guaranteed foil Commander in each deck.

This colorless deck is all about devastating creatures and taking advantage of the fact that most spells in Magic are color specific. As a result, Eldrazi Unbound features a lot of support for colorless cards, including Ashnod’s Altar and Ghostfire to add additional power to your creatures.

This control deck is a mixture of red, white, and blue, and is focused on planeswalkers. Planeswalker Party is a slow-and-steady control deck that aims to keep the board clear until you can cast a planeswalker and protect it from harm.

This white, black, and green deck is all about enchantments, building a deck around strong cards like Enigma Drake and Hornet Queen. Enigmatic Incarnation turns enchantments into win-conditions, which can be utilized by utilizing the graveyard with cards like Liliana’s Specter and Deadbridge Chant.

Sliver Swarm is a creature-based deck that aims to utilize the Sliver creature type to their full potential. With cards like Sliver Hive and Sliver Queen, this deck’s goal is to swarm the board with powerful tokens that can quickly take down your opponent.

That’s everything you need to know about the Magic: The Gathering Commander Masters set. For more MTG guides, check out our breakdown of the Ravnica Allegiance draft format, as well as our look at the best MTG Eldrazi Unbound deck.

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