Introducing the MTG Wilds of Eldraine Fae Dominion Commander deck

Introduce yourself to the whimsical nature of Faeries with this decklist for the Fae Dominion Commander deck in Magic: the Gathering's new set.

Introducing the MTG Wilds of Eldraine Fae Dominion Commander deck
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Best Fae Dominion Commander deck list

This decklist showcases the exciting new strategies that are possible with the Fae Dominion set. The Faeries are finally getting the support they need to become an archetype, and we’re seeing a lot of new synergies between their creature types and the enchantments that make up their strategy.

The deck uses a multitude of Faerie tokens to overwhelm opponents with an enchantment-based strategy that we’ve dubbed “Faerie Formation.” Follow the tips below for how to utilise each card in the deck to its greatest potential.

How to play Fae Dominion

Here are some tips for playing Fae Dominion:

  • Utilise cards like “Bitterblossom” and “Spellstutter Sprite” to disrupt your opponents’ plans while flooding the board with Faeries.
  • Create a swarm of Faerie tokens using “Siona, Captain of the Pyleas” and overwhelm opponents with sheer numbers.
  • Use “Glen Elendra Archmage” to counter spells and protect your board from being disrupted.
  • When you have a surplus of Faeries, apply the “Thornbite Staff” combo to create infinite Faerie tokens.
  • Use “Coat of Arms” to boost the power of your Faerie army and employ “Oona, Queen of the Fae” to make opponents discard cards instead of you.
  • Control the game with versatile spells like “Cyclonic Rift” and “Counterspell” to keep opponents on the back foot.
  • Generate card advantage by using “Rhystic Study” and “Mystic Remora” to keep extra cards in your hand.
  • Ensure you’re protected from enemy spells with the protection provided by “Faerie Trickery.”
  • Use cards like “Mirror Entity” to adapt your strategy to the changing board state.
  • Utilise the political angle by playing “Thieving Sprite” and “Glen Elendra Liege” to keep opponents sweet.
  • Maintain a balance between aggression and defence with “Faerie Swarm” to keep opponents on edge.

If you want to try out your new Fae Dominion deck against other players, be sure to check out the best Magic: The Gathering online platforms to see where you can play. And if you’re looking for other fun card games, we have several suggestions on our sister site, PC Game Spotlight.

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