Where Winds Meet stands out as a standout Chinese open-world adventure game

Gamescom offers a glimpse of Where Winds Meet, a Chinese open-world adventure game that stands out from the crowd and offers a deeper look at Asian history.

Where Winds Meet stands out as a standout Chinese open-world adventure game
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Where Winds Meet: A Chinese Open-World Adventure Game

Looking for a Chinese Open-world game that stands out from the crowd? Gamescom 2019 showed off a range of upcoming open-world games, but one particularly caught our eye. Where Winds Meet impresses with its fresh ideas and attention to detail, and with China stepping up its gaming development, we could see this open-world game breaking through to the global market.

Where Winds Meet is a fantasy martial arts game that draws inspiration from Chinese culture and mythology. It offers a deeper look at Asian history and what could be the future of Chinese games entering the global market.

After playing the Gamescom demo, we were left with some questions regarding scope and filler content, but we can’t deny that the combat and character creator offer something we haven’t seen before. With so many open-world games being released nowadays, any game that can draw you in with its combat and character creator is something we should all be keeping an eye on.

Fresh Combat

Where Winds Meet’s combat is unlike anything we’ve seen in an open-world game before. The combat feels similar to other open-world games, but with a humorous twist that we’ve seen in other kart-racing games, like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. So, instead of using weapons to combat enemies, you’ll be using your martial arts skills to defeat enemies.

Minor skirmishes are regular occurrences as you traverse the open world, but boss battles against powerful foes occur at specific points, such as gates or temples. I came across one such foe just before one of the gates to an area of the open world. The animation on the combat is fluid and dynamic, and each attack feels impactful. The combat reminds me of open-world games, but with a twist that gives it a more humorous edge.

The character creator is extensive, with options to adjust your character’s body type, head, skin tone, and even their outfit. Clearly, the developers are putting a lot of effort into making your character unique, which will hopefully translate into the enemy designs as well.

Open-World Potential

The combat and character creator offer something we haven’t seen before in open-world games, but we still have concerns about potential scope and filler content. The open world itself shows promise, with lush landscapes, ancient temples, and impressive architecture.

However, I do wonder how much of that potential will be reached. I absolutely love the combat and character creator, but I’m concerned about the rest of the game. If the developers can pull off a satisfying gaming experience, then Where Winds Meet could be on to something big.

The Gamescom demo is visually stunning and helps to sell the game to those looking to try something new. A lot of work has clearly gone into crafting the world itself and the characters within it. There’s hope that Where Winds Meet will succeed in delivering a satisfying gaming experience, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The hope is that Where Winds Meet will succeed where other Chinese games have failed, but we’re still at the mercy of the free market and whether it deems the game worthy enough to be translated into English.

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