How to find Fishing For Answers in Palia

Discover the Fishing For Answers quest in Palia and find out what happened to the former Lighthouse Keeper. Explore Bahari Bay and uncover the hidden letters.

How to find Fishing For Answers in Palia
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Are you after the Fishing For Answers quest in Palia? Having just arrived in Palia, you’ll want to discover as much as you can about the world around you. Thankfully, there’s plenty out there to discover – including a hidden quest.

Where to find Fishing For Answers in Palia

You’ll find Fishing For Answers in Bahari Bay, which is one of the larger regions on the map. As you ride through the district on your horse, you’ll come across the dilapidated Lighthouse. Dismount and head inside, where you’ll find the former Lighthouse Keeper’s diary entries.

The former Lighthouse Keeper, Faadhil, talks about his lost love, Jabari, and sending messages in bottles. He mentions fishing at the docks beneath the Lighthouse without bait to find three bottles containing his letters. So, head down and fish without bait to get the three bottles: Jabari’s Letter, Jabari’s Letter 2, and Jabari’s Letter 3.

Read each letter to discover more about their relationship and Jabari coming to Akwinduu. Faadhil mentions their secret spot, which you can reach by using the rocks or gliding from the Lighthouse.

Use the rocks or glider to reach the spot next to the tree and interact with the dirt pile to receive the last letter from Jabari.

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