Which Palcat should you adopt in Palia?

Discover the adorable Palcats in Palia and find out which one is right for you in this open-world life game from Singularity 6 Corporation.

Which Palcat should you adopt in Palia?
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Want to know which Palcat to adopt in Palia?

The latest update to Singularity 6 Corporation’s Open-world life game added adorable Palcats to the mix. These furry companions will be a great addition to your adventures as you explore the colorful world of Palia.

The open-world game combines elements of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a high fantasy world. With farming, fishing, combat, and more filling out the RPG game, there’s always more to do in Palia. But with the open beta now live, you no longer have to worry about losing your progress as you explore the world and gather materials.

Palia’s latest patch, 0.166, introduced Palcats, adorable furry companions that follow you as you go about your adventures. Whether gathering materials, fishing, or just taking a stroll through the countryside, your Palcat will be there to accompany you. But which one should you adopt? We’re here with all the details on the four Palcats and how you can get them.

Palia cat unlock requirements

You can summon or dismiss your Palcat through the Pets interface in the Collections button of the Player Menu.

Here are the Palia cat unlock requirements:

The Snowy Palcat resembles a mix between a British Shorthair and an Eevee evolution, with a regal look and cool tones. It can be yours if you accumulate 3,000 Palia coins.

The Sandy Palcat, with its cappuccino-colored coat, is chaotic and unpredictable, perfect for a cozy fall aesthetic. However, it’s also a one-time bonus after a Palia coin purchase, making it highly desirable.

The Island Palcat has a deep aquamarine coat and amber eyes, giving it an exotic appearance. It’s well-suited for the beach areas of Palia and brings a fun and bright presence. It unlocks automatically after accumulating 3,000 Palia coins.

The Nocturnal Palcat has a dusky color and bright magenta eyes, reminiscent of characters like Kuromi from Sanrio. It’s perfect for those who love a nightcore aesthetic and dark colors. It can be a great partner for exploring the Palian nights or a cozy kitty at home. You can unlock the Nocturnal Palcat if you accumulate a purchased total of 3,000 Palia coins.

There you have it, the full details on all of the Palia Cat unlock requirements. Be sure to check out our Palia fishing guide to get the most out of your relaxation time on the water. We also have a guide to the best farming crops in Palia if you want to try your hand at some farming in the open-world game.

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