How to find Palia Dari Cloves

Find the rarest plant in Palia, the Dari Cloves, exclusive to Bahari Bay, with our comprehensive guide. Complete achievements and discover all the potential spawn locations.

How to find Palia Dari Cloves
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

Are you searching for Palia Dari Cloves?

Dari Cloves are a type of plant exclusive to Bahari Bay. They’re used in a variety of recipes, including Chapaa Masala and Fried Catfish Dinner. Finding Dari Cloves counts towards achievements in Palia, so it’s worth making the effort to locate them.

Dari Cloves aren’t the only Palia plants you can find, but they are one of the most elusive. Unless you’ve already found some in-game, the first step is to head to the northern bay in Palia where the plant can be picked up. Here’s where to find Dari Cloves in Palia, as well as all the potential spawn locations to ensure you don’t spend too long searching for them.

How to find Dari Cloves in Palia

There are a total of 34 spots across the northern parts of Bahari Bay where Dari Cloves can spawn. They only spawn one or two at a time, and despawn at 6 pm, so don’t respawn until 6 am the next day. They have a slight chance to appear in the following locations.

The Outskirts stable point has five spawn points, including an area near the top of the stairs to the northwest, around the ruined building near the water, and the southern edge of the tall grass area to the east.

Flooded Fortress has one potential spawn point. It’s located near the corner where the path from Proudhorn Pass meets the Flooded Fortress wall.

There are 10 potential spawn locations around the long ruin on the Flooded Steps hills. Tamala’s house and the surrounding areas have a total of four spots where Dari Cloves can spawn. These are near the back door of her house, near the tree to the east, and the grassy area to the north.

The bridge beneath the Proudhorn Pass has three potential spawn locations near the water. There are also potential spawn points near the bridge northwest of Statue Gardens and the ruined staircase northwest of Proudhorn Pass.

Now you know where to find Palia Dari Cloves, you can focus on the other aspects of the game. Our Palia review has our impressions of the open-world game, which is a very different experience to the Souls games, but no less rewarding. If you’re looking for something to play with a similar focus on exploration and discovery, here’s our list of the best indie games on PC.

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