Armored Core: Fallen Sister’s combat is “aggressive,” but it’s not Dark Souls

Armored Core: Fallen Sister’s combat philosophy is “aggressive,” with some players saying hesitating in combat is "defeat."

Armored Core: Fallen Sister’s combat is “aggressive,” but it’s not Dark Souls
Published by Noah @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

With Armored Core: Fallen Sister’s release date drawing near, some players are sharing their impressions of the Souls-like mech game’s combat. Players emphasize Fallen Sister’s philosophy of aggression, saying hesitating in combat is “defeat.” Some even add humorous comments about not showing any quarter or even a single yen to enemies. A user even mentions that the same engine used in Sekiro and Elden Ring is the basis for the newest Armored Core game.

The Engine and Combat Style

“The engine is the same as Sekiro and Elden Ring,” one user writes. “The combat is very similar, but it’s pretty different to other AC games. It’s not really focused on gigantic bosses, but rather multiple smaller enemies.”

“It took me a while to get used to the controls,” another user replies. “I’m used to playing shooters, but it seems like it’s harder to aim and shoot when you’re moving.” Many agree with this sentiment, noting that mastering the controls can be challenging for those used to playing more traditional shooters.

“I’m not surprised,” another user replies. “Games like DOOM, Quake, and Borderlands also require an aggressive playstyle.”

“I saw some gameplay footage of Doom Eternal,” another user replies. “The enemies were basically vomiting bullets and rushing at you from every angle. It’s very overwhelming.”

“Most AC games are like that,” another user replies. “Just come at it like dogfighting or aerial combat rather than a traditional shooter.”

“I’m playing the demo right now,” another user writes. “I’ve learned the game’s mechanics and found real enjoyment in the combat loop.”

“I’ve done a few missions,” another player replies. “The first boss was a bit of a jerk, but I defeated him.”

“Did you do the bloodborne litmus test?” another user replies. “But with mechs.”

“I’ve been playing the demo for a bit,” another replies. “I can’t hit the melee button fast enough.”

“Melee is really good,” another replies. “I beat the first boss by spamming the melee button.”

“I’m in the same boat as you,” another user replies. “I’m having difficulty executing aggression and learning the best approach to combat.”

“I’m having a lot of fun with the combat,” another replies. “The first boss was really simple. Just punch them.”

“I think I’m going to die to the second boss,” another replies. “The first one was pretty predictable, but the second one is a jerk.”

“I’ve beaten two of the bosses so far,” another replies. “The second one was pretty rough, but I managed to beat him.”

“I’ve done the first two missions,” another replies. “The first boss was pretty easy, but the second one kicked my ass.”

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