These are all the planets Samus Aran has blown up

Samus Aran has a tendency to destroy planets. Let's explore the planets she's blown up in the Metroid games.

These are all the planets Samus Aran has blown up
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Samus Aran's Destruction in the Metroid Games

Samus Aran has a tendency to blow up planets. Sometimes, it’s to save the galaxy. Other times, it’s to stop the resurrection of a biological superweapon. Regardless, Samus has destroyed a lot of planets and moons across her various Metroid games.

The Metroid games are all about stopping the Space Pirates and the Metroid species from causing havoc across interstellar space. Samus’s missions often revolve around preventing the resurrection of the Metroids and the creatures that created them. Sometimes, that means taking out the planet they’re on to eliminate them once and for all. Other times, it means protecting the planet from the Metroids as they attempt to consume it.

Planets Destroyed by Samus Aran

  • Zebes: The first planet Samus blows up in the original Metroid game. She’s sent there to stop the Metroid threat and prevent the Space Pirates from harnessing their power. Zebes is also where Samus was raised by the Chozo, explaining why there’s so much Chozo tech on the planet.
  • SR388: The birthplace of the Metroids and Samus is tasked with exterminating them in Metroid 2. It seems that the Chozo brought the Metroid species to SR388 to study them. Samus destroys the BSL Station by crashing it into SR388 to eliminate the Metroids and X Parasite.
  • Aether: Samus also destroyed Aether in the Metroid Prime series after restoring its energy and defeating Dark Aether. The final encounter with Dark Samus takes place on the planet of Phaaze, which Dark Samus fused with after she was defeated by Samus.
  • Phaaze: Dark Samus fuses with Phaaze, causing the planet to collapse when defeated by Samus. Samus and her ship survive, but the planet is presumably destroyed.
  • ZDR: Metroid Dread takes place on the planet of ZDR, the homeworld of the Mawkin Tribe of the Chozo. Samus fights against a revived X Parasite threat and the Chozo on ZDR. The planet goes through a self-destruction sequence after the defeat of the final boss.

That’s every planet and moon Samus Aran has destroyed in the Metroid games. For more guides, check out our rundown of Metroid Dread bosses, and the best Metroid games you can play right now.

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