Metroid Chozo – the mysterious bird people of SR388

Learn more about the Metroid Chozo and their relationship with Samus, the Metroids, and the X Parasite.

Metroid Chozo – the mysterious bird people of SR388
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Metroid Chozo

Want to know more about the Metroid-chozo">Metroid Chozo? The Chozo are a crucial part of the Metroid series but with minimal storytelling. We know they’re bird-like aliens, but that’s about it. The Chozo are connected to pivotal enemies and the series’ protagonist – Samus Aran.

The Chozo are an enigmatic race in the Metroid universe, but we do know some things about them. The Chozo were once a non-violent species but evolved to become protectors of the universe. Their advanced technology is essential in Samus’ equipment, as most of it is Chozo-made. We’ve got some more information to share with you in our Metroid Chozo guide.

Metroid Chozo history and technology

The Chozo had highly advanced technology, including travel capabilities, weapons, and artificial life. Some Chozo had the ability to see the future, but it is unclear if this was a trait or a technology.

The Chozo had a history of violence. A split occurred, with the Thoha Tribe becoming peace-loving and the Mawkin Tribe embracing warfare. The Thoha Tribe nudged others without making them reliant, while the Mawkin Tribe sought ultimate control.

The Chozo also made mistakes. They created the Metroids, causing more harm than good. They settled on various planets, including our very own SR388. They created the Metroids to combat the X Parasite, but the Metroids grew beyond their expectations. The Chozo then had to trap them beneath SR388.

Samus Aran and the Chozo

The Chozo are connected to Samus Aran, the series’ protagonist. The Chozo infused Samus with their DNA after a Space Pirate attack on her home planet led to her losing her mother. She was then trained as a warrior and equipped with a Power Suit and arm cannon fashioned after Raven Beak.

Samus’ goal is to eradicate the Metroids, another failure of the Chozo. In Metroid Fusion, she faces the consequences of the Chozo’s actions.

Metroid Chozo enemies

The Chozo have created enemies in the Metroid series. The most significant enemies would be the Metroids. The Chozo created them with good intentions, but the X Parasite’s influence led them to become monstrous.

The Chozo are believed to be extinct, but we do know the Metroid series takes place after the Chozo’s disappearance. There are theories about why the Chozo disappeared, including environmental damage, a virus, and even a cosmic threat.

Regardless, their legacy lives on through the Chozo Statues and their technology. You’ll find Chozo statues in every game, acting as power-up points for Samus and holding Chozo artifacts.

That’s all you need to know about the Metroid Chozo. If you want to get the best out of the Chozo’s technology, you might want to check out the best Metroid Fusion mods. You can also read up on the Metroid Prime 4 release date or how the Metroid games work.

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