Best Terraria mods 2023

Enhance and extend your Terraria experience with these top mods.

Best Terraria mods 2023
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Best Terraria Mods

Looking for the best Terraria Mods to enhance and extend the game’s features? There are hundreds of Terraria mods available, offering everything from quality-of-life improvements to massive content additions. We’ve picked out some of the best ones, from mods that expand the base world of Terraria, adding new content, weapons, tools, and bosses, to those that introduce RPG elements, steampunk, and more.

Whatever your preference, Terraria mods can reinvigorate your love for the game or introduce you to new experiences. If you’re looking for new challenges, we’ve got the best Terraria mods for harder bosses, better PvP, and more. For convenience, we’ve got mods that can light up dark areas of your world or show an exact location of where you’ve placed furniture. To freshen up the experience, we’ve got mods that overhaul the existing gameplay mechanics and introduce new worlds to explore.


Expand your world with Tremor and Terraria will suddenly feel a lot bigger. This mod adds new content and a whole new world to Terraria. You’ll have access to new NPCs and enemies, new weapons and equipment, and boss fights. Tremor also offers a couple of quality-of-life improvements to Terraria, such as transferable storage and a way to save your pets.

Super Terraria

Super Terraria adds RPG elements to the sandbox game, allowing you to level up your characters and undertake quests. Your character will gain experience from killing enemies and bosses, and from completing quests and defeating bosses. Each level grants you skill points that you can use to increase stats and unlock new equipment.


This steampunk and industrial angle to Terraria introduces new mechanics, such as a tiered crafting system and tiered weapons. Enigma also offers a new world to explore, with new biomes, enemies, and bosses. If you’re looking for some more steampunk in your life, this mod is for you.

Extensible Inventory

Terraria has a limited inventory space, which often proves a challenge as you try to manage items that you’ve picked up. Extensible Inventory addresses this by increasing your inventory size so you have easier access to your items.

Boss Checklist

Boss Checklist is a simple mod, but one that can prove invaluable to Terraria players who enjoy tackling the game’s bosses. It allows you to keep track of the bosses you have fought and which ones you still need to face. If you have a terrible memory, this is a godsend.

Wing Slot

With this mod, you get a dedicated accessory slot for wings, freeing up space in the accessory bar. This is a great mod for players who are tired of getting squashed by the game’s many bosses.

Arcania RPG Map

This Terraria mod adds races and factions to the game, giving each race unique perks and attributes. Each race also has a unique city where they reside, offering special items and a unique set of NPCs.

Recipe Browser

Recipe Browser is a searchable recipe browser that helps you find crafting recipes quickly and easily. This is a great mod if you’re tired of having to trawl through Terraria Wiki to find that elusive recipe.


Terrasavr allows you to modify and customize your character’s stats and inventory. If you’re tired of dying because you accidentally prioritized strength over range, or vice versa, then this mod is for you.


Veinminer allows you to mine large areas of the game’s world with a single hit, saving you time and effort. If you’re tired of all that hard work you put into expanding your base, this is the mod for you.

The Thorium Mod

The Thorium Mod offers a new experience for those looking for something different. This mod adds over 2,000 new items to the game, challenging boss fights, and new enemies. If you’re looking for a fresh Terraria experience, this is the mod for you.


Calamity is a massive content mod that adds new enemies, bosses, biomes, structures, and a new leveling mechanic to Terraria. With this mod installed, you’ll need to decide whether you want to fight or befriend each new boss in order to level up. This is a great mod if you’re looking for a fresh Terraria experience but don’t have time to play games like Project X.

Terraria Overhaul

Terraria Overhaul revamps the existing gameplay mechanics of Terraria. With this mod installed, you’ll find that everything is a lot harder, so much so that you’ll need to use the new in-game difficulty system to regulate how tough each world you create is.

Dyeable Clothes

Dyeable Clothes adds a dyeing system to Terraria, allowing you to color the clothes you’re wearing.

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