Volition, studio behind Saints Row and Red Faction, abruptly closes

Volition, the studio behind Saints Row and Red Faction, closes its doors after losing funding for Project Y.

Volition, studio behind Saints Row and Red Faction, abruptly closes
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Volition: The End of an Era

Volition, the studio that created the Saints Row series and Red Faction, has been closed by parent company Embracer as part of a restructuring plan. The confirmation comes from employees at the studio and was later confirmed by Volition in a statement. The news comes just months after the studio, formerly known as Parallax Software, celebrated its 30-year history in creating world-class entertainment.

“Embracer has closed the studio and is in the process of transferring projects to other Embracer studios,” the studio says in a statement. “It is with a heavy heart that we must also report that all employment has been terminated as a result of this process.”

Embracer is a holding company that manages several videogame-related companies. In its restructuring program, Embracer aims to “strengthen its position in the videogame industry by executing a structured program of operational and strategic evaluations.”

The closure of Volition is a result of these evaluations, though the studio says it is working to provide job assistance and support to its affected employees.

“We are forever grateful for the support of our fans and the contributions of our employees,” the statement concludes. “Volition and its games are integral parts of many of our lives and the industry as a whole. We will keep you updated as we learn more.”

Volition was founded in 1993 and gained recognition for games like Descent, Freespace, Red Faction, and the Saints Row series. Most recently, the studio released a reboot of Saints Row last year, which underperformed compared to previous entries in the series. Embracer then transferred responsibility for the Saints Row franchise to Gearbox, sealing Volition’s fate.

Embracer recently announced major layoffs and studio closures following the collapse of a $2 billion deal. The financial impact of Volition’s closure will presumably be included in Embracer’s overall communication and quarterly reports.

Fans of Volition’s games have taken to social media to express love and support for the studio. The studio’s legacy will certainly be remembered, and its contributions to the gaming industry are undeniable.

Stay tuned for more updates on Embracer’s progress via the next quarterly report, which will be published on November 16.

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