Armored Core vet pulls off insane no-ammo feat in new game

Armored Core 6 player pulls off an insane no-ammo feat at a preview event, earning the title 'The Fireworks of Shibuya'

Armored Core vet pulls off insane no-ammo feat in new game
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Armored Core 6: The Fireworks of Shibuya

An Armored Core 6 player at a preview event for the new FromSoftware game earns the title ‘The Fireworks of Shibuya’ when he punches an airship out of the sky. That’s right: he punches it. No weapons, no upgrades, just the mech’s fists. And it’s absolutely insane.

Hosted by PlayStation Japan, the event featured Armored Core 6 players who had attended previous events as well as a few special guests, including series vet Fireworks. Given only 60 seconds to build a mech and protect three giant missiles, Fireworks immediately chose to dual-wield gatling guns.

Fireworks deployed with less than 200 rounds in each weapon and faced a massive airship threatening the missiles. He chose to attack the airship’s underbelly, but mistakenly targeted a ship deck instead. Realising he needed to hit the command bridge, he charged the ship’s bridge head-on with less than 40 seconds remaining and his weapons empty.

Despite taking heavy damage, Fireworks succeeded in destroying the airship and completing the mission. His full run can be watched below, starting at around 1:03:00.

Fireworks’ ability to keep his cool and make decisive decisions on stage impressed many, especially given his complete lack of experience with the unreleased game. His unconventional approach proved that Armoured Core 6 can be beaten without weapons, and that PlayStation’s own ‘fireworks’ can live up to their name.

The ‘Fireworks of Shibuya’ joins the ranks of FromSoftware legends, and we can’t wait to see what other players manage to do with the open-world game when it releases on PC later this year.

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