If ActiBlizz made Armored Core 6…

Imagine if ActiBlizz made Armored Core 6 and how it would approach microtransactions.

If ActiBlizz made Armored Core 6…
Published by Mason @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

Armored Core 6: A Hypothetical Scenario

If ActiBlizz made Armored Core 6, it would likely be in beta for another year. Players imagine what it might look like, with some suggesting that the company would release updates and call them new games. Others point out that, despite its reputation, ActiBlizz has made positive changes to its games.

“For Honor is still alive?!” reads one comment. “I was expecting it to be dead by now.” Another user replies, “It’s been in beta for 7 years, I’m pleasantly surprised it’s not dead yet.” The conversation shifts to other games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Chivalry 2, which have not seen proper releases in years. Some mention the alternatives as a way to mock the games.

The conversation then shifts to monetization, with players criticizing the idea of paying for different color combinations and limited availability. One user jokes that if 343 made Armored Core, players would have to rebuy the same color for each part. Another humorous comment suggests that if you want to buy a premium package with exclusive items for Armored Core 6, “you’ll just have to wait until it’s available on the Microsoft Store.”

The conversation then turns to comparisons between EA and ActiBlizz. “EA has definitely made changes to how they monetize their games,” one user argues. “But I still find the idea of paying for different color combinations and limited availability pretty gross.” Another replies, “EA hasn’t completely solved the problem yet, but they’ve definitely made steps in the right direction.”

They continue, “I remember when FIFA would release a new game every year and then you’d have to buy the same team over and over again. I’m glad that’s changed.” Another user points out, “EA’s sports games are still predatory as hell.” One replies, “EA is basically the same as ActiBlizz.” Another replies, “No, ActiBlizz is worse than EA.”

Another user says, “Some EA games have moved away from microtransactions,” to which another replies, “The core gameplay of those games is still exactly the same as when they had microtransactions.” The conversation continues: “EA is basically a publisher now, they’ve basically abandoned game development.” Another replies, “They’re still making games.”

One user mentions, “EA games like Squadrons, Battlefield, and Jedi: Fallen Order have moved away from microtransactions and are pretty good, even without them.” Others reply and argue, “ActiBlizz’s scandals are much worse than EA.” Another user jokingly combines the names of ActiBlizz, EA, Ubisoft, and EA into “ActiEAUbiBlizz.”

Another user imagines a scenario where Armored Core 6 offers limited customization and skins for purchase. They describe the process of buying color options and weathering effects in the game. Another user writes, “You guys are all complaining about customization options that aren’t even in the game yet.” Another replies, “We’re not complaining, we’re laughing.”

If you want to check out the Armored Core 6 beta for yourself, you can read up on all the details here. While you wait for the beta to go live, you might want to try some of the other best PC games currently in beta.

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