Armored core special edition is very cool but very expensive

The Armored Core 6 special edition is expensive and unnecessary but also very cool. Check out one YouTuber's photos and impressions.

Armored core special edition is very cool but very expensive
Published by Liam @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

The Armored Core 6 special edition

The Armored Core 6 special edition is, in the words of one YouTuber, "expensive, unnecessary, but super cool." That’s a heck of a lot of qualifiers, and I can’t exactly disagree. The figure itself is gorgeous, and the concept art and garage are stunning. But I certainly wouldn’t spend $350 on it.

“I lost my previous armored core figure,” the YouTuber, who goes by Ace, begins. “So when I saw this I was thrilled, but the price is a little bit too high.” Several other commenters echo this sentiment, saying that they wanted the collector’s edition but couldn’t justify the cost.

“A $350 figure is too expensive,” one commenter says. “I can’t buy it.” Another replies, “I also wanted to buy it, but the price is too high. I’ve seen it on eBay, and the sellers’ prices are unreasonably high.” Ace himself admits that he would have liked to buy it but won’t spend that much on a figure.

While the garage is well-made, some wish for improvements like lighting and articulation. The main issue, however, is the price. “450 euros?” one commenter says in disbelief. Another replies, “I’m not going to say it’s cheap, but it’s a model.” Ace says that he thinks the price is fair but that, given the price of the collector’s editions of other games, he can’t justify it to himself.

Other users request additional pictures for scale, since the figure appears larger in photos than in the official site’s comparison picture. Ace also says that he wishes the makers would provide more pictures of the figure’s back, as he’s curious to see how the detail compares to the front.

Personally, I think the makers’ dedication to armored core is clear in the level of care and detail put into the garage and figure. I could absolutely buy the garage as a model kit and display it, but the price is too high for me. I also don’t have much room for more figures, especially ones that need to be kept upright.

Many commenters appreciate the success of Elden Ring for bringing more attention to the series, and one user praises Elden Ring for bridging the gap between old and new armored core games. Some users also humorously suggest using a banana for scale in a picture, while others emphasize that there’s no rush to buy the collector’s edition and no need for both a banana and the figure.

“If it brings joy, then it’s necessary,” one user says. Another replies, “I want to buy it, but it’s too expensive. If I make money, I’ll buy it.” A third says, “If it were $150 I’d buy it immediately.”

A lot of users express admiration for the figure’s appearance, and I can’t blame them; it’s a beautiful figure. “It looks like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis,” one user comments. Another replies, “I’d like to say something cool, but it’s just beautiful.”

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