AC6 Infiltrate 086 guide – how to beat Rummy

Infiltrate Grid 086 is a content-packed mission in Armored Core 6 with hidden AC parts and secret battles.

AC6 Infiltrate 086 guide – how to beat Rummy
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Infiltrate Grid 086: Armored Core 6 Mission Guide

Looking for help with the final boss in Armored Core 6's Infiltrate 086? You're in the right place. This mission is jam-packed with hidden AC parts and secret battles, including the final battle against The "Invincible" Rummy.

Infiltrate Grid 086 hidden battles

The stage begins on a bridge with MTs on the ceiling. You're faced with a choice - head to the left and drop into the lava, or go right and climb the buildings. Either way, you'll end up in the same location.

After getting through the initial area, you'll eventually find yourself in a battle against The "Invincible" Rummy. We'll cover how to beat him in a separate guide, but for now, let's focus on getting through the mission.

After defeating Rummy, proceed through the door and you'll see another area with two Heavy MTs equipped with Sabers Shotguns and Cannons.

Next, you'll want to fly to the giant platform behind the Tetrapod area. There are two Rolling MTs on a small platform - you'll need to drop down to their platform and fight them.

After clearing out the MTs, you'll see a downed Mech with an Archive Date. Follow the mission marker across the bridge or climb the crane, dispatching MTs along the way.

Infiltrate Grid 086 hidden AC parts

In the next area, you'll have the choice of going through the door or up the right side. If you choose to go through the door, you'll need to navigate through a building with limited mobility. It's easier to go up the right side, but either way, you'll eventually end up in a room with light shining down.

Defeat the Rolling Heavy MT and proceed to the next level. As you move forward, you'll see molten metal in a side room. Return to this room and find the molten metal again. This time, there's a hole in the wall that allows you to enter a hidden room with a chest. Open the chest to get the CC-3000 WRECKER part.

Return to the previous room and locate the molten metal again. This time, head up the ladder on the right side. You'll encounter several Light MTs. Nosaac, a hidden AC, will appear after you clear out the Light MTs. Nosaac is a fast, short-range AC that relies on its blade. Use this to your advantage and eliminate Nosaac.

It's time to ascend. Head out of this room and cross the gap. Climb up to reach the stage's exit.

Take care of the Light MTs in the final area and collect credits. Now, head up on the right side to face more Rolling Heavy MTs. Open the final chest for the 2C-3000 WRECKER part.

Clear out the surrounding MTs, then trigger the explosives to defeat the remaining Light MTs.

Now, you can take on the final boss for Infiltrate Grid 086. For now, we'll cover how to beat the first Tetrapod. We'll cover the second boss, the true final boss, in another guide.

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