Armored Core 6 runs better than you think

Armored Core 6: Optimized gameplay on older GPUs with low PC temperatures despite fps drop

Armored Core 6 runs better than you think
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight a year ago

Armored Core 6: Optimized gameplay on older GPUs with low PC temperatures despite fps drop

What would you say if I told you that you don’t need a high-end GPU to run Armored Core 6? Well, it’s true. Despite the Souls-like game being one of the newest releases on the market, I’m playing it on my old GTX 660. The fps drop is jarring, but the gameplay is still fun, and the graphics are still nice. In fact, I’d say the optimization is better than in Bloodborne or Baldur’s Gate 3.

PC gaming is expensive, and my GPU is a lot older than most. Still, I’m playing one of the most demanding games of the year on a GPU that’s nearly a decade old. Some commenters reminisce about the time they got their GTX 660, and how quickly time has passed since then. Others ask if my PC doubles as a stove, given the heat it generates during gameplay.

I start playing the game, and the framerate immediately drops. At a specific timestamp, it drops to 25fps. The siege battle feels more like Medieval 2 Total War, and I imagine a castle covered in snow. One user comments on the timestamp, saying “I was thinking the same thing. Reminds me of siege battles in Medieval 2 Total War.”

Another user jokingly asks if I’m boiling water on my laptop. I reply that it’s not as hot as all that, and that the GPU is older than most. I explain that Armored Core 6 is one of the most optimized From Software games, with minimal impact on PC temperatures.

“For me, 25fps is fine,” one user replies, “but it’s low enough that it helps me focus on specific movements or poses. It’s like, if I can’t see it properly, then I have to pay extra attention.” Another user, who shares their experience of playing non-scholar Dark Souls 2 smoothly on their integrated graphics, says, “I think [Armored Core 6] is just really well optimized.”

Other users share their praise for the game’s optimization, with minimal impact on PC temperatures. “I can barely feel [my GPU] working,” one user says. “The game is just really optimized,” another replies. “It’s like FromSoft intentionally made the game look good at lower fps,” another says.

Many comments focus on the game’s small levels, lack of organic creatures, and absence of real-time inventories as factors contributing to its optimization. “If I were to guess, I would say that the optimization comes from the fact that this is the most optimized game [From Software] has made since the PS4 days,” another user says.

“I think the appeal of 30fps is that it’s just a number that feels natural,” another user replies. “It’s like preferring chicken that is seasoned and cooked, as opposed to unseasoned chicken that is still raw.” Several users express their satisfaction with playing games at lower framerates, saying that they have done so for many years.

“I always preferred games at lower framerates,” another user shares. “Maybe it’s because I grew up with very tight budgets, so I had to get used to playing games at low framerates.” Others chime in with their similar experiences.

Some users also discuss the impact of framerates on motion sickness. “30fps makes me sick… but I can play 60fps just fine,” one user says. “I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because 30fps looks so much smoother.” Another user replies, “I think it’s because 30fps is a constant reminder of how much faster the world is moving compared to you.”

“I have always preferred 30fps to 60fps,” another user says. “It’s like TV shows and movies that I’m used to. It doesn’t bother me, same as you wouldn’t tell me that it’s wrong to be used to 30fps. It’s just preference.” Another user points out that, “People’s desire for advancements in technology is natural. It’s not limited to framerates.”

Another lighthearted comment is made about the necessity of parking sensors in cars. Other users discuss the visual difference between 30fps and 25fps. While some say that 30fps looks better, many others agree that 25fps looks smoother.

For me, 30fps is fine, but I’ll admit that, if I had the option, I’d prefer 25fps. I’ve always preferred games at higher framerates, but I can tolerate 30fps. In fact, I prefer to buy the PC version of a game if the console version is limited to 30fps.

That said, I don’t think 30fps is inherently better than 25fps. There’s a visual difference between the two, but I’m not exactly bothered by it.

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