Armored Core 6 players find major flaw but fear developer won’t fix it

Players concerned about ammo in Armored Core 6 lightweight build flaw

Armored Core 6 players find major flaw but fear developer won’t fix it
Published by Ethan @ PC Game Spotlight 9 months ago

An Armored Core 6 lightweight build flaw has players concerned about ammo

FromSoftware may not address a major lightweight builds flaw in Armored Core 6, as players report running low on ammo, a problem that negatively impacts the agility and speed build. While players have shared suggestions for improvement, they’re concerned the developer won’t provide a fix, pointing to a similar issue in Armored Core 5 that remains unresolved.

Players of the action game, both new and veteran, are talking about lightweight builds in the latest Armored Core installment, but the conversation is focused on their limited ammunition rather than their agility and speed. While lightweight builds are popular among players for their ability to dodge enemy attacks, avoid taking damage, and move quickly around the battlefield, the lack of ammo hampers their ability to do anything except run away.

“I’m really good at dodging, but I can’t even shoot back,” one player says of their lightweight build in a clip shared by Maximilian D. “I feel like I’m fighting at a disadvantage against heavier builds.”

“I’m at the point where I don’t even want to use a lightweight build anymore,” another player replies. “I’d rather just fight against heavier builds and take the damage, because at least then I can fight back.”

“Can we get a fix for this?” asks an exasperated player. “I’m not even joking when I say this, but this has been a thing since the beginning of time.”

Armored Core 6 lightweight build players have been discussing this issue for some time now, and it has sparked a broader discussion about the overall balance of the game. While some players talk about their experiences with lightweight builds, others ask why the problem exists in the first place and whether FromSoftware will address it.

“[I]t’s a bit frustrating the way the ammunition for lightweight builds is,” a player says, “especially when it’s at a point where it’s actually affecting the gameplay balance.”

“I know it’s a flaw,” another replies, “but I really don’t think they [FromSoftware] are going to patch it.”

“I don’t think they would let it get this bad,” a third player replies. “I think they will address it.”

“I’ve been playing this game for five years,” another says, “and I’ve seen the same problem in four of those five years.”

This conversation has been shared widely across Armored Core 6 social media, highlighting the need for a solution to the problem.

Players who use lightweight builds will find themselves running out of ammo at a rapid pace, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to other build types. The flaw also negatively impacts the overall balance of the game, a problem that players have seen in Armored Core 5 for years but that FromSoftware has yet to address.

While the developers have yet to respond directly to the lightweight build issue, players hope that, with enough support and attention, they will change the game in a way that makes lightweight builds more viable.

“It’s a big issue in my opinion,” a player says, “and I’ve never seen it being addressed.”

“All of these people are complaining about it,” another replies, “so I think it’s just a matter of time before we get a fix.”

“It’s frustrating knowing that you can’t really do much with it,” a third adds. “I’m hoping they’ll address it, but we’ll see.”

“I hope [FromSoftware] addresses this,” another player says, “because it’s not fair to the lightweight build users.”

The popularity of lightweight builds highlights the need for a solution to this problem, and players are frustrated by the limitations they face. If FromSoftware does not address this issue, it may have a significant impact on how players use lightweight builds in the future, which could affect overall gameplay.

The Armored Core 6 community has been talking about this issue for some time and wants to see changes that will make lightweight builds more viable. While some players share suggestions for improvements, others fear that FromSoftware may not respond to these requests.

“I’d love to see some sort of buff to lightweight ammo,” one player says. “It’s definitely needed.”

“I’d rather be able to fight back,” another replies. “I don’t want to be a sitting duck.”

“It’s a bit frustrating,” a third says, “but I hope they’ll address it.”

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