How to defeat the Guardian of Faith in Rosymorn Monastery

Defeat the Guardian of Faith in Rosymorn Monastery and solve the stained-glass puzzle in Baldur's Gate 3.

How to defeat the Guardian of Faith in Rosymorn Monastery
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Defeat the Guardian of Faith

Want to know how to defeat the Guardian of Faith in Rosymorn Monastery? The Guardian fight in Rosymorn Monastery is a challenge, but there are ways to overcome it. This fight is crucial as you need to defeat this foe to obtain The Blood of Lathander weapon.

If you’re deep into the RPG game, you’ve likely made it to Rosymorn Monastery in Act 2. This area is important for the story, but you may want to stay for a bit longer. There’s a high-level foe to defeat and an interesting puzzle to solve.

How to reach the Guardian in Rosymorn Monastery

Climb down the beige rocks from the Rosymorn Monastery entrance. You’ll want to jump across the cliff side and climb the Knotted Roots to progress.

You’ll eventually come to a locked door. This leads to the Guardian’s room. Don’t worry about getting attacked while you’re here; you won’t be able to reach the enemy anyways.

How to defeat the Guardian of Faith

The Guardian of Faith won’t attack you unless you enter the circle or touch the battleaxe. This grants the Guardian’s Strike of The Guardian ability, which deals heavy damage.

By staying outside the circle and chip away at its health, you can avoid the counter-attack. Tanky classes can withstand the retaliated Radiant Damage for a quicker fight.

Guardian of Faith takes damage each time it attacks. If you’re able to distract the foe and lure it outside the circle, it won’t retaliate and you’ll be able to deal extra damage.

The Guardian of Faith is difficult to kill, but you can learn how in Rosymorn Monastery. Clearing this area also grants access to valuable rewards, such as the Ceremonial Battleaxe for a stained-glass puzzle.

How to solve the stained-glass puzzle

Defeat the Guardian of Faith to acquire the Ceremonial Battleaxe for a stained-glass puzzle. In the right-side hall, you’ll see stained-glass art.

There are also four pedestals. Each pedestal has a shiny weapon, but it’s important to avoid taking the weapon for yourself.

Interact with the stained glass to learn about the puzzle and identify the correct pedestal. The solution to the puzzle is as follows:

Successfully completing the puzzle will grant you access to valuable rewards. This puzzle is relatively simple, but it’s worth pointing out that you could make a mistake and accidentally place the battleaxe on the wrong pedestal.

That’s everything you need to know about the Guardian of Faith and the stained-glass puzzle in Rosymorn Monastery. Make sure you’ve cleared the area before moving on to the next main location in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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