Borderlands inspired ringbox for your now wife

Check out this Borderlands 2 ringbox inspired by the game's lootboxes, complete with detailed pictures.

Borderlands inspired ringbox for your now wife
Published by José @ PC Game Spotlight 8 months ago

A Borderlands 2 ringbox is shared here, along with some pictures showing the Borderlands 2-inspired present in detail. YouTuber and Redditor xuenzi says that they made the Borderlands 2 lootbox for their now wife and shared pictures of it on both sites. The Borderlands 2 ringbox is designed to look like a collector’s edition loot box and is decorated with Borderlands 2 characters and logos.

“I made a Borderlands 2 Lootbox Ringbox for my fiancée,” xuenzi says. “She’s a huge Borderlands fan, and I wanted to propose to her with something Borderlands-related.” The user includes a link to additional images of the ringbox, which you can check out here.

Some users comment that the ringbox is empty, but xuenzi replies that there is a black carbon ring inside. One user asks about the color of the aura light, but it’s unclear from the images whether the Borderlands 2 ring has such a light.

Many users give xuenzi positive feedback for their creation. “I can’t believe you actually made this! It’s perfect!” one user says. “Omg I think I’m in love with this,” says another. One user adds a humorous comment, referencing a quote from Borderlands 2: “‘I’ll open it for you’ *rips open box* ‘What does it mean, Dianne?’ ‘It means… we’re getting married’.”

Another user asks if xuenzi started with a collector’s edition loot box, to which the user replies that they 3D printed the bottom, lid, and front parts and added small parts themselves.

Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 are among some of the most popular games on PC, and many users comment to congratulate xunzi on their engagement. One user asks if the ring was an engagement ring or just a present, to which xuenzi replies, “It’s obviously an engagement ring.”

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